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Muslim Parents and Their Children In School About Conservative Islāmic Creed

The situation of many Muslim homes is so bad to the extent that it is parents/guardians who tell their children and wards not to affiliate themselves with the Muslims. Some parents even hide the Muslim names of their children. Some parents instruct their children not to move close to the MSSN in their various schools. They don't want them to learn the Sunnah. They don't want their girls to start wearing hijab. They want them to be liberal in thought, appearance and everything. Hijab is a contraband in many Muslim homes. They tell them, as long as they pray, its okay. Some parents don't even care if their children pray at home, talkless of while they are school. Even if some of their children pray too much, they begin to say, "aseju yi ma n po" (this is becoming too much oo).  This kind of parents want their children to socialize. They want them to mix with children of influential people. Some parents buy bad sexy dresses for their children. They want their girls to dress hot, exposing sensitive parts of them to the public.

This is not a good way of life. Parents must endeavor to train their children in line with the Quran and Sunnah.

May Allaah guide us aright.

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