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If someone is always silent, people would complain that he doesn't talk. When he starts talking, they would say he talks too much. If someone is patient, they would say he is too dull. But if he starts to enforce his rights, they would say he is too stubborn and violent. If someone doesn't greet, people would say he is arrogant and disrespectful. And when he starts greeting them, they would say he greets too much.

What can you do in life that people would not complain? The poor person is he who wants to please everyone. It is not possible to please people no matter how you try. Allaah is the only One we should all try to please always in whatever we do. Anyone who seeks to please people, Allaah would leave him in the hand of the people so that they can do whatever they like with him. On the other hand, anyone who tries to please Allaah with everything he does with proper moderation, he would not be distracted by any side talk and Allaah is always there to protect him.

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