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Virtually all the movie makers in our world are perfectly captured in the provision of Qur'an 31:6. That verse does not deal with music alone. It includes anyone who use vain talks and unnecessary speeches to mislead people from the path of Allah. The film makers; comedians who lie to make people laugh are inclusive.

Some people do not know more than movies; music; shows etc. When they are carried away by all these things; they forget to pray or read the Qur'an/hadith and ponder over their purpose of existence on earth. From Yoruba, English, Hausa and Foreign Films; they learn many bad things like shirk; bid'ah; indecent dressing; bad speeches; corruption; thuggery; armed robbery etc. There is virtually nothing good about those movies we see today. A Muslim has little or nothing to learn in them because the movie actors and actresses are only interested in making money. They dont really care about the society. The worst thing Yoruba movies producers are now doing is to make jest of Islam by making it look as if Islam permits consultation of fake Mallams for rituals (fortune-telling, jalabi etc). They make jest of Islamic names (Jelili, Amina Eleha, Asewo To Lo Manca, Monsuru, Muniru ati Hambali etc). They forget the fact that Al-Jelil is one of the beautiful names of Allah.

Meanwhile, the new soccer season is about to commence. The pre-season is already ongoing. If care is not taken; viewing of professional football would also join the list of "Lahwal Hadeeth" as it also misled people from Allah's path. The love some Muslims have for soccer stars like Messi, C. Ronaldo, Neymar etc is becoming too much. We should rather train ourselves to love Allah, His Messengers, the Companions of the Prophet, sollaLohu 'alaihi wasallam and the scholars. There is no way we would occupy our minds with the love of footballers and think we would remember Allah. They fix matches to prayer times and we see Muslims arguing on football as if it is a religion on its own. Some people fight concerning football and even kill themselves along the line.

May Allaah guide us aright.


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