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AsSalaamalaykum warahmatuLlaah wabarakatuh! 

Ummah Care For the Inmates' Foundation (UCIF) seeks the assistance of the Ummah  in making the forthcoming Eid-ul-adha a memorable one for inmates in  Medium prison KiriKiri and Badagry Prison in Lagos, Agodi Prison in Ibadan and Oke-kura Prison in Ilorin, Kwara state. 
We intend to make the Inmates Happy on Eid day by celebrating Eid with them, giving them a sense of belonging; giving them cooked food, raw food and other daily needs which can be used after Eid. 
We were able to provide iftar food for the Inmates during Ramadan by Allaah's Grace and your humble donations; We assure you that every Kobo received is judiciously spent. 

Food stuffs donations are also  welcomed. 

Amount needed: #300,000 
Help us  make  the forthcoming Eid a memorable one for the inmates  by donating into the account below:

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May Allaah grant us all halal wealth, make us witness the forthcoming Eid and many more on earth, may he save us from any form of confinement in this world and in the hereafter. Aameen. 

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Enquiries: 08132413892, 07033255396

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