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A. Haroun (Abu Imran)

Introduction (Cont'd)

Allaah in His infinite Mercies and wisdom has made entry into Islaam very easy! All it takes is to utter the testimony of faith (kalimatu sh shahaadah). However, just uttering the statement may be enough to enter into Islaam, but not acting upon the import of what is being uttered will not guarantee your remaining in Islaam.

The problem is that a lot of Muslims today know nothing about the implication of the kalimatu sh shahaadah and perhaps it explains why a person can keep uttering the words while acting in the direct opposite.

Let us look at it in parts.

When you say " أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله" (I testify that there is no god except Allaah) you are rejecting and refuting every other object or person worshiped directly or indirectly beside Allaah and in their stead, directing all acts of worship to Allaah alone without associating partners with Him. Just as Allaah has no partner in His rulership over His vast dominion, He has no partner, in His worship!

So this goes beyond just denouncing idol worship and making sacrifices to false gods. It also entails that we denounce every and anything that humans apportion powers and actions reserved for Allaah alone! These things are called tāgūt (pl: tawāgēt). A 'tāgūt' is anyone and anything a person directs his acts of worship to, follows and obeys him/it in opposition to Allaah!

For instance, when a person does an act of worship so he would be praised by people instead of directing them to Allaah, he is taking those people as tāgūt (this is why show off is considered minor shirk). When a person forgoes praying any of the five daily prayers because of a human directive, he has taken that person or job as his tāgūt! So tāgūt ranges from the very major one - idols, to even the least considered which may be humans! It is usually because we do not understand the implication of our actions that we find them easy to indulge in. So a person continues to say "I am a Muslim", but his actions are in direct contrast of what he claims! Allaah says "....So whoever disbelieves in Tāgūt and believes in Allaah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allaah is Hearing and Knowing" [Baqarah:256]

The second part of the kalimatu sh shahaadah is

 و أشهد أن محمد عبده و رسوله

(I also bear witness that muhammad is his slave and messenger).

This part summarily entails four things viz;
*obeying him (Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) in whatever he has commanded.
*accepting as true whatever has been proven to be from him
*staying away from whatever he has prohibited and spoken against
*and not worshiping Allaah except by that which he has directed.

It is upon us all to measure our Islaam in the light of what has been discussed so far and realise if truely the kalimatu sh shahaadah we say everyday has truly left our lips and settled in our heart. Remember even a parrot can be taught to utter the kalimah!

So an ideal Muslim ensures his Islaam is in tandem with the kalimatu sh shahaadah he utters. He is not one of those on the extremes, he accepts that Allaah is to be feared for his anger and punishments and Loved for his bounties and mercy, and does not accept one without the other. He submits totally to the will of Allaah, ensuring he carries out acts of worship as prescribed by the Prophet (peace be upon him) seeking the pleasure of Allaah alone, and he distances himself from shirk and anything related to it.

Lastly, he tries his best to stay away from all actions and speeches that may nullify his Islaam!

What are they?


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