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A. Haroun (Abu Imran)

Before we continue,  this is the summary of what has been discussed so far:

1. That the purpose of these series is just to create awareness, and is never intended to be taken as a class.

2. That readers are enjoined to study these nullifiers more in detail from competent sources and should endeavour to stay away from them.

3. We should avoid being among the two extremes; the Khawaarij and the murji'ah

4. The ideal muslim is neither too harsh nor nonchalant about Islaam. He follows the middle course by adhering to what is authentically narated from the Qur'aan and the sunnah.

5. That it does not suffice to utter the kalimatu sh shahaadah while one's actions are in the opposite of Islamic dictates. A person's Islaam can be nullified by so doing!

6. That the nullifiers can be summarily categorised into four; actions, speeches, doubt and conviction/belief. A muslim may be judged by his action and speech but what is in his heart (doubt and belief) is left for Allaah alone.

7. That shirk and kufr (disbelief) could either be major or minor. 

8. While major Shirk and Kufr, such as making sacrifices to gods takes the perpetrator out of the fold of Islaam, minor shirk and Kufr (such as show off) only reduces the strength of the person's Islaam but does not take him out of it.

9. The mere fact that a person is seen involved in any of these acts is not enough justification to call him a kaafir until some conditions as outlined by scholars are established.

10. Lastly, the subsequent posts may hit your hearts with a thud, so brace yourselves for impact.

May Allaah accept it from me as an act of sincerity, and make ideal Islaam easy for us to practice. Aameen


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