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Polish Your Qur'an Recitation


Afeez Raji

Among all the branches of Islamic sciences it is only the science of  Qur'an Recitation that cannot be self tutored. One must have a sheikh to recite the Qur'an for one and then recite back to him in order to correct any mistake one might make.

It is saddened that many people,in this part of the world , who have been entrusted with the teaching of  Qur'an recitation aren't certified by anybody! This isn't to say that they didn't learn Qur'an Recitation somewhere but that they aren't competent enough to do so.

Before one could be regarded as being competent to teach Qur'an,one must possess Ijaazah(certification) from a scholar who also had Ijaazah too as said by the prominent Qur'an teacher Sheikh Dr Ayman Suwaid(hafizahullah). 

Until you recite Qur'an to someone who has Ijaazah and certify your Qur'an recitation, your recitation won't be devoid of errors!

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