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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail

Just like the migration to Yathrib in the days of the Companions رضي الله عنهم, dropping our wrong way of practising Islaam and embracing the correct way is not so easy for me and Nailah, we were moving discreetly; our parent must not know about it, not even dad who swore to disown us if such thing happens, but this path is a path to Jannah; we must go!

I loved the mild and gentle medium the brothers used in correcting us; they showed us their evidences from 
the Qur'an and the authentic hadeeths and instructed us to shun heresy. Everything was moving fine but I couldn’t get the love of Fatimah off my heart; we still call and chat, even though I knew dating is wrong. My heart will skip a bit whenever I saw her romantic messages or I received her call, I won’t come to my senses fully until I drop the phone, I pray to Allaah severally to save me from this but this love of hers is not ready to leave.

When it is becoming too enormous for me to bear, I sought for the advice of the MSSN da'wah coordinator; Abu Muwaahid was advising me to go for nikaah if I truly love her:

“Ustaadh, Nikaah ke, there’s no job to cater for myself, not to talk of the wife, Nikaah can’t be possible”

“That’s true, if you really want to quit; you must be determined that you want to fight against Shaytaan, because it is Shaytaan who is making that forbidden fruit so beloved to you, tell her that it is over and tell her the reason you are quitting; perhaps, she may understand”

“Hee, she won’t understand sir, I informed you of the society we came from; but I think I can quit bit by bit with flimsy excuses”

“Brother, don’t try that; it’s dangerous, leave once and for real and never look backward, then you cut all means of contact; Facebook or Whatsapp, and never try to look back again, I think with these, the quitting can be easier, May Allah help you”

The advice really worked for me; when I first told Fatimah that I’m backing out, she thought it was a joke, I explained to her that Islaam forbids it but just as expected, she didn’t agree to it and I disconnected from her without looking back, I felt freedom from the shackles of zina.

Nailah also informed me that she was having a hard time in cautioning herself from listening to music and musical instruments, even after she had understood that it is forbidden Islaam. I did her a favour of collecting her phone and deleted all the music at once and admonished her never to download any again. Momentary, pleasure of music is not worth to cause us lose the pleasure of Allah. Soon, Nailah also was able to get above it and she was living fine afterwards.

The first semester soon got to an end and mum was pressing hard on us to come home, she declared that she had missed us and our older ones also were not around; there is no one to keep her company and help her with the home chores. Nailah was also eager to go home and see her until I reminded her of her khimar and my trouser; I also reminded her of dad’s words when we got admission, I told her that that was not the best time for us to go home; because we’ll face a great tribulation if we should go home and our parent now see us that we don’t practise Islaam in the manner they’ve taught us anymore. We both gave the idea a thought and we decided to give them excuses that we won’t be able to come home for the first semester holiday.

Mum was disheartened by our decision and she didn’t agree until we implored dad to plead to her on our behalf. Dad begged her; and we promised to come home immediately we finished the second semester examination.

We had enough time to plan against the holiday; we determined to perform all our obligations to them as Muslim children should do to their parents and also give them the utmost respect we can show them without compromising our newly found religious values,We have the belief that when we show people respect as the sunnah demanded; no one will ask us of prostration.

To be continued in sha Allaah...


  1. #following
    Nice write up, correspondn wt wat i'm expriencn presntly.
    ....awaiting d next episode

  2. Barakallahu feek
    may Allah ease for us our affairs


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