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Please let this message  get to owners and founders of Sunnah TV

SunnahTV should do more of English lectures. They are the best Islamic channel I have seen. No music, no nonsense. But they need to add other languages, and not just hausa hausa hausa all the time. Sometimes, I just keep listening with my poor understanding of hausa, atleast i hear verses and hadiths 😄😄😄. 

We have a lot of Yoruba sunnah scholars that could be of help in this regard. Just imagine us having the likes of Dr. Sharaf and Prof. Alaro (may Allaah preserve them) on air on daily basis. Please if you know any member of their management, advise them accordingly. May Allah grant them enormous rewards.

©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori


  1. I spoke with them couple of months ago they say we are welcome. But I posted the report on may Facebook wall no reply from brothers. I inform Ustaz kabir al asfar, abu Imran, abu ishaq inenemo, what the sunnah TV told me was the issue of sponsorship...
    Ibrahim Muhammad Armayau

  2. With the above statement from our dear brother, Muhammad Armayau, it is hoped that if we altogether work towards achieving the request of the founders which the brother has early said to be sponsorship problem it should bring about positive changes.
    Factually, I have been constantly suffering from Hausa on the TV due to the fact that I did not understand it, I have personally searched and downloaded some of their programs through Youtube but the problem is always what this post speaks about which is the medium of communication, for that l, I used to focus my downloads on their Musâbaqatul Qur'aaniyyah which I think the language used in communication does not affect.
    I used to think very much about the TV if it was not confined to Hausa alone.
    Hence, those from among our Muslims whom are financially buoyant enough should please get up and stand out for this course.
    May Allâh reward us all with good

  3. As Salam, my observation is on female married presenters on Sunnah TV programmes who show their faces instead of using MIQAT.Their faces could attract unsuspecting viewer
    s(which is HARAM).

  4. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly that love and read more on this topic. If possible, such as gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with additional information? It is very useful for me. Voice of Nigeria

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