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Abdur-Raafi' Al-Imaam

The arena of Da’wah to the Sunnah in recent times have been polarized and poisoned by a tiny but very loud and incendiary minority, comprising of two groups - whose main religious discourse is 'rulers': 

The first group sees your making Du’aa for repressive rulers, even in the privacy of your home, as a tacit support for their oppressive policies and a sign of your being a paid agent of these rulers. This group that wants us to believe that it knows everything about every country in the universe seems oblivious of the fact that every Muslim, however unrighteous his actions are, is still in dire need of the Du’aa from his brethren for his rectification. Intentional disregarding of this fact is disastrous! 

The second group sees your show of concern, even in the privacy of your home, about the repressive policies of these rulers or any criticism thereof, however mild and constructive, or any Du’aa you make for the victims of these rulers’ injustices as a kind of revolting against them and causing mischief in the earth!  

The Irony: Both groups have consistently failed to show us the creedal, moral, ethical and ritual benefits the Nigerian society stands to gain from its been constantly barraged with this anti-rulers/pro-rulers issue! We really need to review our understanding of the concept of Amaanah, regarding the kind of knowledge we disseminate!

We pray that Allaah guide both groups to that which is appropriate!

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