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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail

The news that dad will come for my release really depressed my heart; not because I loved living in confinement but the dilemma of choosing between dad and the way of my creator could not let me wish to go back home. I unhappily waited for him for the all-day till the night fell but he didn’t appear and I began to look forward to the next day if he will come.

Allah indeed changed the affairs of the cell through my kindness to Oga scorpion; on my second day in the lock up, his brother came after we finished observing Salaatul ‘Asr and informed him that their mother was been attended to properly, the Zakaah and Sadaqah foundation footed the hospital bill. Oga scorpion appreciated my kind gesture, he thanked me and promised not torture anyone again, I used the medium to preach Islam to him, and he revealed to me that his parent were also Muslims but he later joined bad gangs after his dad sent him away from home because he once came home late, struggling with life outside home was not easy and that made him joined the gang.

Oga scorpion’s confession frightened me, because very soon I would also be chased out from home by my father, I have determined not to walk on the path of darkness again; I pray that Allah keep me firm and guide my parent to the right path.

The once bright sun was going to set and I began to think that dad won’t come again until a sergeant came to the cell to call my name; he opened the cell and led me to the counter where dad and Alhaji Onikunkewu were already waiting, my possessions were returned back to me and I was released to dad. 

The words my ears were hearing in the car while we were journeying back home were terrible, Alhaji Onikunkewu was delivering scorching words to me, he called me all sort of names and compelled me to change my decision or the earth will tightened against me. 

“I’m only pleading to your dad to release you from the police custody, and I’m not telling him to see you deviate from our ways, Nailah is already waiting for us at home, we’ve reached conclusion and you and Nailah only have two options; it is either you rethink and dropped this rubbish way of yours and your dad admits you to his company again or you continue in this manner and you remain disowned, Alhamdulillah we have other children.” He said.

I don’t know what to say in response to Alhaji Onikunkewu’s counsels, I was only murmuring “Sorry sir”; I was expecting dad to also add some words to it but he said nothing to it, he only concentrated on driving till we reached home.

Nailah was already waiting for us at home; I, dad and Alhaji Onikunkewu entered, our mum was summoned and I and Nailah were asked to kneel down. Dad began his speech; he expressed how he felt disappointed by our actions.

“Upon how I warned you before going to that school, you end up coming back home and soil my name in mud, I won’t agree with you on this, I’ll give you a short period of 15 minutes to go outside there and think whether you choose me or your way, you choose me – I’ll stand by you as a father, but if you choose your new found way, I won’t punish you but I have nothing to do with in this life again, you leave my house and you sponsor yourself.”

I and Nailah were sent to go out and decide on the option we would choose; immediately we go out, I told Nailah that we’ve no reason to change our decision, she should let us insist on begging them to allow us with our ways.

“Naseem ! It’s enough” Nailah shouted at me “you know dad very well and you know that he will never change his decision, I’ve decided to dance to his tune here and when I reached school, I will continue my sunnah, I can’t risk my education with sunnah.”

“Subhaanallah, that’s your decision though, but my belief is what Allah said in the Qur’aan that whosoever fears Allah, Allah will grant him a way-out, but I’ll try as much as possible to present it well to dad” I asserted.

We went back to the sitting room and tell them our respective decision, Alhaji Onikunkewu said “You are in haste, we gave you 15 minutes to think, have you finished with your final decision?”
“Yes sir” I and Nailah said.

Dad adjusted his eyeglasses and sighed deeply, after some moments; he faced me and said “Naseem, what your decision?”
“Dad, I’m sorry for any disappointment I might have caused you and I have decided to stay in this Islam in which I was born and I’ll never leave this path of yours till I die”

“Naseem! You are not answering my question, will you still insist to put on this kind of trouser?”

“You taught us Islam, and you taught us to follow the prophet and I’ve read from the authentic hadith of the prophet that anything beyond the ankle is hell…”

“Shut up, bastard, I know you people won’t change your ways, I only organize this sitting to honour Alhaji; those deviants have really brainwashed you, you two should go inside, pack your luggage and leave my house!”

“I’ve a different opinion sir” Nailah exclaimed
Alhaji Onikunkewu faced her and asked “Are you ready to follow us?”
“Yes sir” Nailah answered. be continued

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