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All praise is due to Allaah for His favours on us and our households. May He continue to guide us aright. 

As we have stated at the commencement of the operation of this website, the main objective of creating it is to spread the Sunnah and educate the Muslim on the true 'aqeedah of Islaam, so that we can all succeed together in our bid for the greatest prize (alj-annah). We have been striving to achieve this objective right from the day the website was launched more than two(2) months ago, and the result so far has been encouraging, alhamduliLlah. As at about 5:40 pm on 2nd October, 2018, we have made nothing less than 128 posts altogether on different branches of knowledge, and we have had close to 70, 000 viewers from Nigeria and some other parts of the world, such as United States, Kenya, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, China and so on. 

In sha Allaah, we hope to expand and reorganize the operation of the site to make it more accessible and useful to the entire Muslim Ummah. Apart from articles that are posted anytime and anyday, we are fixing some posts permanently for specific days in sha Allaah as follows:

Yaomul Jum'ah: Friday Reminder -with Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori
Yaomul Sabt: 'The Path To Yathrib' - with Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail
Yaomul Ahad: 'Sobolation Series' - with Sanusi Lafiagi
Yaomul Ithnain: 'Nawaaqidul Islam' - with A. Haaroon (Abu Imran)
Yaomuth Thulathaa: 'My Road To Salafiyyah' 
Yaomul Arbi'aa: 'Men and Women Around The Messenger'
Yaomul Khamees: Quiz - with Ibn Ya'qub An-Naijiree

These are what we have for now. May Allaah make this plan easy for us to implement and make it acceptable to Him. There is room for more columns and benefitial initiatives. If you also wish to contribute to this rewarding task with a unique weekly presentation on the website, you may get in touch with us. We would assign a day to you if your articles are in line with the aims and objectives of the founders of the website. The main criteria is that it must be Sunnah driven. May Allaah reward us all.

Meanwhile, the site would host an Islaamic Essay Competition before the end of this month in sha Allaah. We would call for articles on a topic to be announced later. The articles would be assessed by experts in English and the shari'ah. The best article and the 2nd and 3rd runners-up would get monetary benefits in sha Allaah. Entries for the essay competition shall be free. Other modalities for the essay contest would be communicated later. The objective of the essay competition is to promote writing skills among Muslim youths and enlighten the entire Muslim ummah on sound 'aqeedah.

Yûnus Olukodo
Assudaisiy Sunnah-Lounge

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