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Abu Fawzaan Al-Gareeb

By Allaah, I'm really impressed with how Jabata had been refuted thoroughly. Who is he to come out to defend himself like he used to do before now. He dare not do so!

The likes of Ustaadh Rasheed (Abu Ibeji), Ustaadh Ejigbo, Ustaadh Sarumi and others I can't mention had done great job in exposing the evils and lies of the Jabata group. 

Shaykh Selim Hilaliy, Shaykh Yahya Al Hajooree and other Shuyuuks outside Nigeria also exposed his lies and falsehood. They said there is no single scholar on earth who believe in Jabata's notion of "all Bid'a is Kufr" (that can take a Muslim out of Islaam).

In one of Ustaadh Ejigbo's lecture I listened to, he played an audio where Shaykh Yahya Al Hajooree was asked if Shaykh Muqbil was of the opinion that all Bid'a is Kufr? The learned Shaykh responded loudly by saying: "LAA, ABADAN" (NO, NEVER), he said further that, not a single scholar in this Ummah ever said such, he prayed for Jabata and his likes and ask Allaah to return him back to Haqq (Truth).

We also asked them (Jabatis) to mention a single scholar who say that the companions cannot fall into Bid'a, none of them could answer this, This is the 'aqeedah of shittes. They believe the companions and their scholars are ma'soom (someone who is free from error). 

Many of their write-ups is just a way of compressing their shame and humiliation. They already know that Baba Jabata is a blatant liar and a jahil. All they do now is to cover him up with useless and baseless posts.

As they claim we don't need scholars or anyone to interpret the Qur'an and Hadiths for us, then what are they doing with Baba Jabata? Is he the Qur'an or the Prophet Allaah sent to us? Whose books is he or has he been reading if at all we don't need scholarly interpretations? This ideology of Jabata is fake.

The Jabatis are nothing but juhaal. This is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind. An individual who cannot write his name in Arabic or pronounce Arabic letters correctly will open his stinking mouth and say Scholars have no evidence for dividing Bid'ah into mukaffirah (disbelief) and mufassiqah (sinful). Can you imagine! 

Let us keep exposing their evils and never seize praying for them.

We ask Allaah to keep us firmly upon Salafiyyah and may He guide and protect our scholars from the blasphemy of the ignorant people.


  1. Please,how can I get all abuibeji dawah

  2. Please,how can I get all abuibeji dawah

  3. Please,how can I get all abuibeji dawah

  4. Please how can we now get abu ibeji lectures ?

  5. You can get all abu ibeji's lecture by joining his telegram. You call him on 08110639366 for the link.

  6. What is now the evidence that divided Bid'ah into two? please

    1. What is evidence call all bid ha shrik

  7. Sarumi is not Salafy, he is just a murji, he said Sulayman Faruq Onikijipa is a Muslim because he is observing Solah, his father nko? I mean Sarumi's father sebi he died upon kufr abi is a lie?

  8. may almighty Allah guide us to right path.


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