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Sanni K. Yusuf

A one-minute ill act or sin (regardless of a previous one-year load of good deeds) could be a cause for entry into Jahannam, just like a one-minute healthy act or virtue (irrespective of a previous one-year pack of sinful deeds) could land one in Jannah. 

This is why a muslim should not take any act of good or otherwise with a pinch of salt. You never can tell which would be accepted or rejected by Allah. Recall the tale of a man whose admission into Paradise was ascertained just on account of a singular act: he provided a thirsty dog with a bowl of water. That was in seconds or minutes, how much more a virtuous act which lasted a whole day.

Muslims dare Allah so much believing that the disobedience is just for one day. Allah will understand, after all. They have the guts to defy their Creator with the mind that it is just a day sin.  What excuse has someone who only observes Subh but leaves other solawaat unobserved until nightfall on his/her wedding day? Allah will understand, right? It is worrisome that some will not even near solah throughout the day and will make no attempt to pay back. Allah will understand, apparently.

A notable factor that makes ladies fall short of this major sin is the indiscriminate painting of the face into an entirely different look. They call it make-up, but I call it rake-up. The huge amount splurged and the hours wasted to do the outlandish colouring form the shaytanism that prevents them from observing solah – an exercise which fundamentally requires washing the face with water. And washing the face for ablution would mean throwing cash into the latrine. So rather than waste away their money, they prefer wasting away their aakhirah (hereafter). SubhaanaLlaah! Solah isn’t a phenomenon to be done at will, or at one’s desired time. It is, indeed, a compulsory act of worship to be carried out as slated by Allah. 

Today, muslims don the usually see-through, tight-fitted wedding gown for nikaah – a cloth which allows audience and onlookers to see for free the wearer’s undergarments. And in their bid to Islamise the alien style, a skimpy, neck-revealing hijab is worn on the dress. And like non-muslims, the bride and the groom are welcomed amidst serious dancing where the supposed “hijabite” waves her hips and chests at the men present. Alhaja to ja si. Innaa liLlaahi wa innaa ileihi raaji’uun. Ki Allah ma je e ja s'ina! Hmm!

Let me be a bit raw. Of what essence is hijab where the wearer’s pant, braziers etc. are seen by men? Where is the sense of morality and religiosity? Of what significance is hijab where the breasts of the wearer are exposed in the name of a wedding ceremony? What then is exclusively reserved for the husband? 
Our muslim sisters should fear Allah. Your happiness of getting married should not graduate into euphoria, such that you step the bounds of your Creator. 

1. Do not paint your face outlandishly like the people of jaahiliyyah – in the name of make-up. 
2. Dress elegantly, but Islamically on your nikaah day.  
3. Do not take your solah with a pinch of salt. You may saddle your friends with the responsibility of reminding you.
4. Do away with dancing. Remember, there are men around.

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  1. Very true! We witness many such Un-Islamic, forbidden acts that have become part of the modern day weddings. May Allah give hidayah to all of us.


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