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Ahmad Adetola-Kazeem

It was very surprising when we announced how the burial rites of our dad Alh. Abdul-Ganniy Adekunle Adetola-Kaseem(SAN) was to be observed. Why should this surprise anyone? Our dad ensured we were upon the deen since we were toddlers(stories for another day). 

Sometimes around 1998, I came across the book 'Riyadh-US-Saliheen in my dad's shelf. I took the book to my school, Federal Government College, Odogbolu and read it as if all my lives depended on it. It was my first contact with the Sunnah(Teaching and Practices of the holy prophet Muhammad). I shared knowledge garnered from the book with my juniors every Saturday morning and sooner than I know the class which started with 3 people enlarged to more than a hundred including seniors, mates and juniors. I am glad that many of the people who benefitted from these classes are today upon the Sunnah. 

My dad was a good man with the highest moral character I know. He never detested the Hijab when my sisters decided to use it, he never criticised my beards or my trousers. He progressively dropped all innovations in relations to deen before he died. He removed all the pictures hung around the house few years back. We stopped kneeling down or prostrating to greet him since about 18years ago and he never scolded but defended us once he knew we were doing it based on our understanding of the Sunnah. He was humble to a fault and always bow to superior arguments. 

Oh Allah bless my dad and put him in the garden of the pious on the day of judgment for buying and keeping the Riyadh-US-Saliheen(Garden of the Pious) in his book shelf.

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