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Abu Imrān

So a scholar may say 1000 right things as a contribution to Islam, and then he makes a mistake, and other scholars refute that mistake, and makes clarifications on it, and then all these youngsters who have almost never been of much benefit to Islam, pick up this and tarnish the image of the scholar.

I insist there is a problem with haphazard method of studying! When your Islam was only studied by listening to audios, question and answer sessions and online fatwas from a book you have never seen! Knowledge is studied chronologically, moving from one level of understanding to another. Even if this doesn't exclusively guarantee that you may not be misguided, the chance of becoming a 'religious tout' is quite lower!

It is not enough to hang 'salafi' on your name and brag about it at the slightest provocation! Go and look for a competent scholar to teach you the ways of the pious predecessors!

We respect the people of knowledge, a respect that doesn't push us to taqleed. We are students of knowledge, so we learn to leave some issues that do not concern us for the scholars.

Allah's aid is sought.

A. Haroun

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