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Sanni K. Yusuf

Muslims in democracies are at the crossroads - to join the political train or to leave it piloted as anyhow desired by the kuffaar. Nigeria is a referenceable case study in this regard. To this, two scholarly opinions emerged. 

If democracy is kufr as opined by consensus of the 'ulamaa, then participating in its process - by candidacy or voting - would mean dwelling in its ruining pit. This is one of the diverse views of the scholars - reputable and formidable. And the prohibition is by no means extreme. It is laying it bared as it is. 

To some, even though its kufr status stands, participation may be considered under certain conditions. And this, too, is by no measure close to laxity. It's rather a show of jurisprudencial ingenuity.

Asking to be voted for will mean that the mind of such a muslim(s) is set to make Allah's laws reign supreme after power had been finally vested in him. This is possible for the Creator to make manifest by His unfathomable Might, but difficult for His creatures to make come by in a multi-religious society like Nigeria.

Another key condition is that depreciation must not hit the standard of Islam of the one(s) doing the golden sacrifice. He should rather keep increasing in faith, spirituality and understanding. He must not be overwhelmed or overridden by the derailing phenomena associated with the system. 

The aforementioned, among others were the tight corner interested Muslims were hanged by the scholars' fatawa. And these have and keep generating hard talks among local scholars (especially in southwestern Nigeria), and of course, among those who should rather watch the custodians of knowledge thrash out the issue. Every Bakr and Zaid, on social media specifically, has unfortunately turned correction makers who could do throwbacks at scholars. 

But come to think of it, won't it be a self-inflicted injury if all governmental affairs are left in the hands of those who may never consider what and how the Muslims feel to make laws? Even if the head of the fish will be overlooked, what about the other organs whose nutritional values are significant to the body? 

Find out in the next chapter of the episodic epistle.

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