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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail

Dear Abu,

Why have don't you consider widows and divorcee for your second marriage, why must you marry a virgin as mathna, Please leave them for single brothers.

If you marry all the single sisters now, do you expect a cool blooded brother to be marrying the widows and the divorcee?, Please keep your car keys for now, sisters don't want your flashy cars, the widows need that.

Our role model, Rasool S.A.W, only marry a virgin once which is Aishah, the rest of his wives are either divorcee or widow, why don't you follow his sunnah and #LeaveOurSingleSisters

Dear mathna-hungry-abu, ease the burden of the society by marrying these widows/divorcee, they will be good wife, because they won't repeat the mistakes they made in their previous marriage

At this age of yours, I know you won't be interested in hide and seek games with young ladies, we Apons are the perfect match for them, we can still play with them. Leave them for us now

Remember am writing this letter on behalf of nikkah-hungry-brothers, and a hungry and is an angry man, If you persist and you don't leave the aponats alone, wetin your eyes go see your mouth no go fit talk.

Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail
(c) #Aboo_Muhsinah
Ameer Apon Forum, Abeokuta
Eyin Apon, se mo wi re?

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