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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail 

Like other things Allah forbids, masturbation also has so many dangerous consequences apart from Allah's punishment, it affects the victim's physical, psychological, sexual and religious life.

What makes it more dangerous is that you don't have to be addicted before you it begins to affect you, it just got more complex the more the indulge in the act.

The consequences may vary from person to person, some people suffer worse than others, but I have never heard or read about any victims that never faces less than three of these consequences, I don't even think it happened. 

It's consequences on physical health is usually weak or bad sight, weak memory, increase in palpitation and loss of stamina. It's addiction may later results to impairment of digestive system and inflammation of lungs which brought about ulcer and heartburn to many victims. Back pain and weak nervous system are common among others.

There's no victim of masturbation except you also see it in their psychological behavior, no adult can honestly claim to masturbates without a feeling of guilt and uselessness, once the orgasm has been achieved, there is nothing left except a feeling of complete emptiness. 

Victims usually develop unnecessary shyness and loss of focus. The usually feel sorrowful and odd among people, I remember a female victim who once disclosed that she usually broke to tears whenever she's in class, she got no tangible reason for her cry, she felt odd and hates all classmates and she cries because of that. 

Many victims always feel that no one loves them and they don't see any good in sitting in the midst of people, they prefer to stay in solitude, even if all they they could do in the lone room is to cry.

Impotency is the natural outcome of masturbation on the victim's sexual life, they sexual organs won't work normally again, even when they later got married; they won't enjoy sex with their spouses again, they will prefer masturbation to sex! 

Many victims experience failure to maintain erection for a reasonable period, this led many to take several hazardous sex enhancer that destroy other things in them. 

Their spouses complain bitterly, it leads to depression for the couple, sometimes divorce and suicide ends the story. 

Spiritual life of many others are jeopardized, as they many would later be attacked by Jinns who are usually present while they masturbate, the jinns felt sympathy for them as they assume that they are involved because they don't have spouse while some other jinns only love what they are seeing and they want more. Victims with these usually experience frequent wet dreams, many encounter difficulty in finding spouse whenever they are ready to get married, or they get married and the jinn began to create problems in their marriage. 

Many others develop laziness in observing Salaah, recitations of Qur'an and Dhikr, this is how many lost their Islam. 

This is just to mention a few from the consequences of Masturbation, you can see it is a two minutes enjoyment with an everlasting problem, the next episode will discusses possible solution to it. 

In case of advice and questions, feel free to dm me. 

May Allah save us from tribulations and ease our affairs. 

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