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Aboo Banaat

I was in a phone repairer's shop this morning, i went there to get a small phone they repaired for me since last week, while i was test-running it to be sure it's now in a good condition, i heard some of the boys of the phone repairer scrolling through a phone and saying things like:

'Chai, see her leggings, see this picture too, see her real face fa, hmm see laps, na that eleha wey dey usually pass here go karatu, na she bring her phone say make we repair am yesterday o, so na like this she 'set' and she dey cover her body, i go transfer all this pix for my phone o....'

At that point i was so angry i had to interrupt them, i screamed the hell out of them and cautioned them, they were like:
'oga no vex o, why you carry the matter for head like this na, even her husband sef no dey shout for us like this'.....

At that point, it occured to me to seize the phone from them and delete the pictures but how would i delete them without my eyes seeing them too? Moreover doing so is tantamount to invading the owner's privacy, so i left them to their conscience. When we tell people to avoid pictures, they will be making flemsy excuses, continue with your excuses until you suddenly find your pictures in porn websites and erotic newspapers.

Oh you sister on Hijjab and Niqab, you cover your self physically but your nudes and semi-nudes are all over your phone, what if your memory card or phone gets stolen? The thief would have instant access to your nakedness which your husband sought your wali's permission before he could see? Do you think these phone repairers would ever respect you or dignify you after seeing your nudity? Yet you will still pay them for repairing your phone and seeing your nudity.

Some years ago, a sister sent me an inbox message asking me if she can send her semi-nude pictures to her husband who works in a distant land just to keep enticing him so that he won't look at other women there, up till today i refused to reply that message because i didn't even know what or how to answer it. Is it that you will die or become sick if you don't snap pictures or take selfies? what is your problem?

I don't have a single picture or passport of my wife and she doesn't have mine, yet am a man who works far away from home, i only go home once in a week or in two weeks, yet our union is still blooming, love is not in the albums but in the heart, time or distance doesn't restrict it. what is so difficult to understand in this? 

The two major problems that the women of today have are pictures and cats. Everyone suddenly loves cats, do you know how many sisters that the jinns have possessed through cats? One of the shape that jinns do take is that of cats and such cases are common. If you feel you can't do without pictures, then continue snapping, whatever affliction that befalls you as a result of it, blame nobody but yourself !!!

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