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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

There was a time I made some posts on the lackadaisical attitude of going late for jum'ah prayers in contravention of Allaah's injunction in Q62: 9. Then I met a friend offline later in the day, who said the quality of sermons being delivered in some masaajid are very low, that is why some people have decided to always go late to the masjid, targeting the iqaamah time.

My reply to this submission is this: it is our duty to always look for masaajid that are built upon sound understanding of Islaam according to Sunnah with pure and unadulterated 'aqeedah where thought provoking sermons are delivered on weekly basis. This would make the weekly juma'ah fulfil its purpose on us. I once wrote an article on this same matter. I gave an example of Fatimah Mosque at Opo-Malu in Ilorin. I have never been disappointed by the Imam's quality of khutbah. Some of our friends reading this can bear me witness. There are many other masaajid like that in town. We should not hesitate to go there at the right time. If we are well conscious of time, we would always get there before the commencement of khutbah, no matter the distance.

Special care must be taken, there are many of the so called masaajid with dangerous creeds and ideologies in our society. A lot of masaajid lack sunnatic flavours for the purpose of assisting Muslims to grow in their religion. Islaam is not just about saying "I am a Muslim". A Muslim must understand the sunnah and practise Islaam according to it. Some masaajid have people who can't recite the Qur'an correctly as Imams. Some masaajid have people who practise magic as Imams. Some have people who attack the sunnah and its people as Imams. If you sit in some masaajid to hear sermons, by Allaah, nobody will tell you before you find your way out immediately. This shows how strange Islaam (Sunnah) is in our contemporary time.

Brothers and sisters in Islaam, this is the time of smartness. We have to be smart in almost everything for us not to fall victim of fake Islamic scholarship. As we are very smart in our mundane affairs, let us be smarter in matters of our hereafter. If someone wants to fool around, let him fool around with anything he likes, except his deen (religion). Consequently, the way we look for good food for our stomachs, good fuel for our cars, good gas for our cylinders, we should look for good masaajid for our spiritual development.

May Allaah guide us aright

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