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Sanni K. Yusuf 

While the ones in tight-fainted dresses got free entry, the one who chose to be modestly attired was denied right to exercise the franchise she paid for. The security man, not of JAMB, but of the exam centre - Redeemers' University - was hell bent (despite appeals) that the girl's hijab must go off her head before she could be allowed a step into the premises. 

Reluctantly, and amidst nonsensical reactions by onlookers and the pathological naivity of her parent, the garment was pulled off (and according to report, the girl was availed a scarf by a female JAMB official). It was in that unhappy state that she - a Nigerian citizen, not an alien on exile - wrote the exam. She was sad all through the timeout. The obstinate Satans subjected the girl to psychological trauma. 

Same inhumanity was recently meted out to the daughter of the astute broadcaster - Sulaiman Aledeh. But for the swift action taken by the ace journalist, and perhaps his uncheatable personality, the girl and her hijabi-colleagues would have suffered a similar maltreament from those luciferous bigots.

Despite official disclaimers by JAMB authority that such human right disenfranchisements weren't to its knowledge, the injustice lingered ad infinitum. I smell conspiracy playing out here. If not, why would the aforementioned girl be given a scarf in place of her hijab by an official of the exam body. Shouldn't she know better? If JAMB's disclaimers - so far - weren't deceitful, and such sincerely communicated to its members of staff, shouldn't the official state the position of the body than give the girl a scarf as alternative? Who is fooling who? 

Haters of hijab may choose to leave the country for us. We are going nowhere! We own the land together. And we deserve to live therein as we so desire. If we will not cry over nude clothing, no one should kill himself over our stance to cover up. And this our girls, ladies and women will not do conditionally. Nigeria belongs to us all. 

A lot of Muslims - teens and adults - write JAMB. Wives, mothers, working class write JAMB. No age limit. Wouldn't it be the height of preposterousness to coerce those to uncover before they could write the exam? Where else is this rubbish happening? In what other jungle is the nonsense a norm? Need someone to do me a mention of those countries where Muslims are this multitudinous and yet get deprived a right as basic as this? 

The parent of the girl was said to have added salt to injury. The girl wanted to act brave, but got her nerve murdered by the naivity of her parent, who said it wasn't a big deal to do as deprived - after all, it's just for a few hours. The enemies of Islam thrive in their evil machinations where the Muslims are found naive and insensitive. They meet their Waterloo where the Muslims stand firm as true servants of Allah.

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