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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

A lot of people are turning a deaf ear to the sermons of scholars not to go outside the shari'ah guidlines. It is like we do think those sermons are jokes? We attach importance to things that are outside the scope of the shar'iah despite clear warnings by Allaah and His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم. Calling on other than Allaah, swearing by other than Allaah, vowing for other than Allaah, slaughtering for other than Allaah, sihr (magic), relying on other than Allaah, grave worship, heroe worship, soothsaying, wearing of armulets and talisman, thinking ill of Allaah, attacking the Sunnah and its adherents, believing any other law is better than the shari'ah and so on are forms of kufr. Yet many acclaimed Muslims are engaging in them. When they are corrected and warned, they give untenable excuses. 

Birthday commemoration, Valentine's  Day, Halloween and wedding anniversary celebration are not from Islaam, bridal showers, baby showers or any other name you give them are not part of Islaam. 

Fidau, Maolid, sufism, "Assalatu" gatherings, Nafilah January 1st/Muharram 1st, Naafilah Nisf us Sha'baan, gathering for Lailatul Qadr are examples of common forms of bid'ah in our society. Murder, Music, adultery (fornication), tabarruj (going out without proper hijab), pornography, betting, alcohol, cheating, bribery, rebellion, injustice, taking and display of animate pictures, defamation, lying, riba are haram. Yet, our world is filled with them. 

It is just as if we don't even care about shari'ah injunctions again. Acts of evil are becoming so normal to us, and anyone trying to call people to order is given bad and unprintable names. Allaah gave us the scenarios of how things would look like on the Day of Judgment so that we can learn. 

For instance, when sinners land in hell fire, they would be blaming themselves for their evils. The people of hell fire would be asked if they weren't warned about the evils that take them to hell fire, they will respond by saying they were warned, but they used to belie their warners (preachers, callers to Sunnah), they used to say "Allaah did not reveal any verse on or so and so", "Allaah did not forbid so and so", just as many people say today to justify their evils without knowledge. When you try to correct ourselves, you will hear some people saying, "some Alfas say so and so is allowed, your wahala is too much, you are extremists, you are this, you are that", they say, "don't judge me, only God can judge me". But at last, when the reality of hell stare them in the face, their case will just be as Allaah put it in Suratul Mulk:

وَقَالُوا لَوْ كُنَّا نَسْمَعُ أَوْ نَعْقِلُ مَا كُنَّا فِي أَصْحَابِ السَّعِيرِ

"And they will say, "If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze."  (Q67:10)

O Allaah, do not make us to be among those who will enter hell fire and utter this statement on the Day of Judgment. O Allaah, guide our steps, make us to be among those who see the truth and abide by it always. Do not let us be among the arrogant people, people who follow their desires, whims and caprices. Save us from the punishment of the grave and include us among people of al-jannah Firdaus.

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