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Umm Sumayyah Mai
June 19th, 2019

I have been reminded and warned by two things: Mohammed Mursi's death and the ongoing issue about on Ummu Abdullaah''s family on Instagram (still confused) 

The former is a warning that death can strike at any moment; that it may be sooner than expected. So, l want to urge myself first, my family, then you, to always purify our intention on anything we do and to never stop seeking Allaah's face; to hasten towards doing good and to never leave our Istighfaar. As for the later, it is a great warning for myself first, then others, that indeed Shaytaan is our greatest enemy. Don't ever see yourself better or righteous than anyone. Don't ever think you are righteous no matter how much you strive to practise the Deen. Don't ever think you can't fall a victim of satanic inclination and misguidance. Na'uudubillaaah min dhaalik

No one is a saint. No one is better than others, not even by her post(myself), but it is important that you do not live a double-faced life (if that make sense). We should always try our best to leave that which we ourselves know is evil without any doubt. We must always try our best to be sincere inwardly and outwardly. At a point in life, we may fall short and engage in things that can't be known by anyone, or the society; except Allaah, the Knower of the unseen. It is important to repent and never return to the same offence. But, if one isn't careful and cautious enough, or one is surrounded by evil people, you may not repent, and perhaps, you may not see the gravity of what you are doing or have done, which Shaytaan has fashioned for you as something good. Oh, Allaah save us from the plot of Shaytaan and the evil of our hearts. 

I have been thinking about it, and l haven't stopped thinking about them. I have also been praying about it as much as l am scared about my own ending. Oh, Allaah please allow me to end my life well in your obedience and on fulfilling Your rights, the right of my husband, my children, my family and the right of the Muslim Ummah at large. That has been my thought. 

May Allaah rectify us all. Oh Allaah, do not disgrace us in both worlds. Ya Rabbal 'Aalameen!

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