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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

If people keep telling me I have a weakness, I will not say anything or argue that I don't have it or raise another issue to divert it because I can't be perfect. I will rather use the opportunity to check myself and pray Allaah to rectify my affairs.

If a Sufi, Shia or Ikhwaanee calls my attention to a defect in me, I will not because of his status refuse to accept the blame if there are traces that I might be having the defect. But that wouldn't change the fact that he is not upon the righteous creed. For instance, if a Sufi or Ikhwaanee or a suruuri learn to accept his flaws in matters of 'aqeedah and change for the better, he has only assisted himself. And if a salafi or sunni accept his flaws in the area of poor presentation of advice to people and strive to change for the better, he has also assisted himself. We would not have problem in this Deen if we take to admonitions and do not raise untenable justification for wrongdoings, we would have been a better Ummah. 

No matter where a correction or advice is coming from, one must take it if it has basis in the Sunnah and will help one in matters of his life and hereafter. 

May Allaah guide us aright.

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