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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Allaah has not left us to improvise in matters of the religion. He states whatever He wants from us clearly. Even when we are confused as to whether or not something is halal or haram, we are to follow the opinion of reliable scholars that is close to the texts (Quran and and Sunnah). 

So, "fidau" (gathering to pray for the dead on some selected days in congregation) as it is done in our society is not part of the Sunnah. The latest one I have observed is "Aisun Fidau" (Eve of Fidau). The families of the demised Muslim would gather in his house in preparation of "saara" without basis from the Sunnah. They will slaughter Cows, wear uniform clothes (white white in most cases) and one ignorant person would be calling them to bring money one by one in the name of fidau lecture and prayers. The ignorant and corrupt Alfas would go there to pack money and eat as if they will not also die one day.

 A brother reported a case that occurred yesterday to me this morning. He said the Alfas came for the "fidau" of three (3) boys of the same father who lost their lives in a car accident after Ibadan while returning to Lagos after Eid. After those Alfas had collected a lot of money, they said, "it is now time to collect money for Mosque". The brother said he asked whose money was the one already on ground, they said "owo a awon Alfa nu" (that is the money for Alfas). Subhanallah! 

In the first place, what they gathered to do has not basis in Islaam (Sunnah). They do acts of bid'ah and oppose the Sunnah with confidence. Two, those who died are very young and they were of the same old parent who can hardly feed themselves properly due to poverty. Yet, the so called Alfas went there to share money. Then, in most cases, the one they claim is for the masjid will still be looted. It is high time every Muslim wake up from their slumbers and fight ignorance and corruption in the name of religion.

That is how bid'ah is. Once it is started, it grows bigger and it will be difficult to control.

May Allaah guide us aright.

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