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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

What will you do if Allāh orders someone you had ex-communicated wrongly in this world to go to Paradise? Will you go and drag him back and say he doesn't belong there? This is why there is need for patience in everything. Hastiness in throwing people out of Islām or out of Sunnah is dangerous. You judged him based on what is clear to you right? What if your judgement was wrong and you are not even qualified to make the declaration in the first place? There will be a serious case against you. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: hastiness is from shaytān. Allāh's aid is sought.

Let us try to understand that the Day of Judgment is far beyond what we sometimes think. It will be filled with surprises because we don't know the unseen. Allāh will not be unjust to anyone. But there will be surprises. Someone that you may be thinking is guided, what if his intention is defective and Allāh has rejected him? Someone that you think died upon acts of shirk, what if he repented shortly before his death and Allāh has accepted him and you were not there when this happened?

It is from religious humility for us not to sound as if we are better than anyone. This is salafiyyah. Allāh does what He wishes and no one can question Him. This is why our own effort should only be to encourage adherence to Sunnah and warn against shirk, bid'ah and other evils. We are not to sound as if our own paradise is secured.

May Allāh guide aright and accept us into His mercies

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