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Ibn Abdullah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

If knowledge (of the deen) is sought in order to apply them, it would be useful, and Allāh would reward the efforts with good. But if the purpose of seeking knowledge is to show off, mislead and defraud other people, it would not be beneficial and it would be hujjah (evidence) against a taalib (seeker of knowledge) on the Last Day.

At every point in life, everyone has a weak area he needs to work on and no one claims to have piety except that he is from the most ignorant people. We should all strive to get better in our deen. But often times, it is astonishing that we read beneficial posts, like them, and comment well as if we are seeing the angels. But the next day, we are seen in public doing exactly the same thing we are advised not to do and we don't know when death would come. It takes great patience to refrain from evils and toe the line of true repentance. In one of his books, Sheikh Ahmad Fareed, may Allah preserve him, mentioned that, Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه was asked about at-taqwa (fear of Allāh) and he said:

هي طريق الشوك يحتاج الماشي فيه إلى صبر شديد

"It is a road of thorns that takes the one who walks on it towards strong patience" [See Min Akhlaaq Salaf, pg 61] 

May Allah soften our hearts for His obedience.

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