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©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Even in the way kids look at you when you are trying to clean them up after messing up everywhere, you will understand it is not easy to cater for children. Babysitting is one of the jobs I find very weighty in the good deeds of women. Women should do whatever they do, especially in this regard for Allāh's sake and try to always use it as tawassul (a means of asking Allāh for whatever they want). They shouldn't care whether the man helps them or not. They are doing it for themselves and Allāh is aware.

If the kids are in the house, to sleep is very difficult. But there is nothing our women can do. They have no choice than to stay with them. We can go to work and even nap on our desks, our women can't because they must always watch the children. The children will cry for no reason and it will irritate you to beat them. But how many times will you beat them in a day? Some of them can harm themselves severely if one is not very careful and observant. 

A woman would do all house works and must still look after the kids when they play around. She might even be pregnant in this state too. When any of the children is sick, she is the most important companion. She can't sleep except he or she sleeps. Even if they have house help, they must still work hard. It is only Allāh that can reward our mothers, wives and those women who take care of them in their schools. 

Some men have never touched the excreta of their children for once. Some men can't clean nose for the children. They are always running from these kind of services on the ground that it is irritating, forgetting it was someone who cleaned theirs too. So, what should women do? Some of us will just do it once in a while, then we think we have done something ☺️. Even if we can't do some of these things, we should be sympathetic towards our women's plight. We should not talk to them anyhow. We should thank them in cash and kind. 

Sometimes, when you think about the stress of taking good care of children and you want to complain, you will change your mind immediately when you realise there are some couples who are still begging Allāh to be doing what you want to be complaining about. Money and children are indeed sources of joy in life. 

I pray Allāh in His infinite mercies answers those who are still seeking the fruit of the womb. We have them close to us. They grief everyday and night. May Allāh grant their requests very soon and make the trial a source of goodness for them in this world and the hereafter.

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