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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

I just came across the news of the death of our father, Hon. Justice Mutallib Ahmad Ambali (Rtd), Former Grand Kadi of Kwara State. He was the famous writer of the famous book 'The Practice of Islamic Family Law in Nigeria'. This was the first book that exposed many of us to the fundamentals of Islamic Family Law as students and Islamic law lawyers.

The renown jurist was to write the Foreword to my book *Polygyny with Mercy*. I was with him shortly before Ramadan in his house to present the manuscript of the book to him for perusal. We discussed at length and he said he was going to read it and write the Foreword before the end of Ramadan in sha Allāh. In fact, I had told Ahmed Ajia Ibrahim to amend the front cover to include his name and the name of the book reviewer, Dr. Abdullahi Saliu Ishola. This is a great loss, not to only Kwara State, but also Nigeria and the Muslim world at large.

Justice Ambali left his marks with so many useful Islamic publications. Even when he does not agree with you, he does not hate you or shut you up for holding a divergent view. He was researcher to the core and an incorruptible Judge. His career as judge and entire lif was a model on the ethics of the bench as far as the sharī'ah is concerned. His role in the establishment of Muhammad Kamaldeen University was indelible. He sacrificed his entire life for knowledge and research. May Allāh forgive his shortcomings. May Allāh not deny him the rewards.

I have been close to him since I was a child and he was one of my main sources of inspiration when it comes to sharī'ah writings. Recently, he was the keynote Speaker at the event organised by Darul Hurayah to discuss Role of Muslims in a Democratic Setting where I was a discussant. The panel was chaired by our father, Prof. Badmas Lanre Yusuf.

Few days later, my father and I went to pay him a courtesy visit in his GRA residence and I used the opportunity to present to him my previous publications 'Halal Sex and Intimacy' and '50 Common Bid'ah (Religious Innovations) in our contemporary World'. He prayed so much for me that day. You will notice the sincerity in the prayers he offered that day.

When we were about leaving his house, he took me to his book shelf and gave me each of the copies of virtually all his publications. I cannot forget how he was bending under the staircase to check the sacks to ensure I get all of those books. I volunteered to help him, he said "No".

Indeed, the death of scholars brings darkness to the world. May Allāh forgive and have mercy on him.

©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

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