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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Author of Halāl Sex and Intimacy 

One of the problems affecting many marriages in our society today is different forms of sexual dysfunctions in men and women. According to sexologists, this problem is traceable to the kind of food people eat or the kind of life they live. For instance, those who are fond of smoking or taking different forms of intoxicants, including alcohol can be affected. There are other causes like emotional or psychological trauma, anxiety, stress or chronic diseases. 

In an attempt to cure or manage sexual dysfunctions, people take different things without minding their medical implications. Within few years of studying this field and my interaction with some affected couples, I strongly warn against the use of sexual enhancement drugs (Viagra) due to the dangers involved. It is better to make use of the natural means of solving the problem than going through a channel that experts in the medical field have held to be dangerous. 

Apart from the psychological solutions, such as sexy appearance, erotic talk, stripteasing, seductive chats etc. that are allowed between married couples, there are confirmed natural herbs that can be used to boost sexual performance in both men and women. They are made from natural sources with halāl ingredients and they are effective and harmless. As there are natural and harmless "manpower", there are naturally effective and halāl "kayan mata" depending on what works for the body of an individual.

However, anyone who desires to use them should please take these six (6) points into consideration:

1. Beware of Polytheism: Don't go for any sexual enhancement medicine that runs foul of 'aqeedah (creed of Islam). Some people use different kinds of medicines that involves shirk or kufr these days. Do not lose your Islam in an attempt to enjoy sex or impress your spouse. Some women apply sihr (magic) related powders in the name of kayan-mata.  Some wear magical beads. I recently stumbled on one Instagram platform where some of these items are sold shamelessly. I was once informed that there are some marks ("gbere" in Yoruba language) that makes a man stay very strong sexually. This is a form of kufr, don't go near it. Do not use any nakali or Jin related power to boost your sexual drive. It will earn you nothing but the wrath of Allāh. 

Allāh says:

وَّاَنَّهٗ كَا نَ رِجَا لٌ مِّنَ الْاِ نْسِ يَعُوْذُوْنَ بِرِجَا لٍ مِّنَ الْجِنِّ فَزَا دُوْهُمْ رَهَقًا

And there were men from mankind who sought refuge in men from the jinn, so they [only] increased them in burden. [Al-Jinn: Verse 6]

2. No masturbation: If you take sex enhancement herb and you are still addicted to masturbation, the herbs may not work for you. The energy you are exerting on self fondly or stimulation should be channelled to full sexual enjoyment with your spouse. Apart from the fact that masturbation is one of the causes of quick release and weak erection in men, it is a bad habit that can take you far away from your spouse. The more you think only you can satisfy yourself through it, the more you think you are fine without him or her. This is  clearly against the spirit of Islamic sexual guidelines.

3. Communication and Understanding: The couple needs to communicate, understand each other and have contentment. Some men are not ready to discuss sexual related issue with their wives out of ego. They feel a woman can't complain if she is not satisfied. Some women too are very difficult when it comes to sexual related matters. They want their husbands to beg for sex before they give it. While it is important for the couple to have contentment, they must be open to fruitful conversation. No amount of herb can achieve this.

4. Diet: Watch what you eat. Too much of sugar may not really stop the natural herbs from working, but it will work better if you can reduce carbohydrates and processed or refined sugar. As I mentioned in the book Halāl Sex and Intimacy (available on Amazon), too much consumption of ice cream, chocolates, cakes, candies, fast food, carbonated drinks can make the sexual life of a man or woman difficult. Taking fruits regularly is good for your sexual life and bodily health generally. Fruits like cucumber, water melon, banana, carrots, coconut, dates, tiger nuts are specifically useful in this regard. 

5. Exercise: Try and do exercise from time to time. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes walk in the morning and evening. Your body needs constant blood flow to the genitals for better erection in men and arousal in women. According to experts, exercise like brisk walk, cycling or any other activity that makes the heart beat fast can boost sexual performance in both men and women.

6. Take Only When Needed: Don't take sexual enhancement herbs if you don't need them. You may only take them when you find out that your performance is becoming very low. May be as a man, you release too quickly and find it hard to regain erection or as a woman, you often experience vaginal dryness during sex and no amount of foreplay get you wet. The herbs are just to boost your performance. Don't be addicted to them. If your performance is fine according to your spouse, you don't need to use them. 

7. Regulation: Know the amount or volume of the herb that works for you. One of the major problems with the herbs is lack of proper measurement to know the volume or amount of the herb to be taken. If you use beyond the measurement that you need, it can cause you discomfort (e.g. headache) even if you are able to perform well. What is the essence of suffering to have sex. It is meant to be enjoyed by both parties. If you use lower than what you should use, it may not even work at all. That is why it is better to go for herbs that are certified by government institutions, such as NAFDAC in Nigeria, FDA in the US and MHRA in Britain. 

The herb must have passed through some processes to ensure its safety for people and to determine the amount to be taken by consumers. The regulatory agency will monitor the content to be sure that the herb is safe to a great extent. It is unfortunate that some people mix their so called herbs with hard drugs, alcohol and viagra.  This can only be detected by experts working with the relevant agency in your country. Some of the sellers of this kinds of herb are pure scammers. They have no knowledge of anything on this field. They are only out to  defraud people due to their desperation. 

The purpose of switching to herbs and alternative medicine in curing and managing sexual health will be defeated if viagra is still found in the contents of the herbs people are taking for sexual enhancement purposes.

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