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Don't Let Anyone Scare You into Shirk

We are in a world where people follow anything that is trending without proper investigation on whether or not the trend is in accordance with the Deen. One of the ways by which people are lured to commit shirk is to tell them to seek power to protect themselves or their business. From here, they take them to evil people who engage in magical powers. It is disturbing that many so called Alfas are into this in the name of jalabi business.

Recently, a sister who just opened a shop at one of the markets has been receiving several pieces of advice from friends and family on how to protect her business because there are some people in the market that can block her success. This kind of advice is what usually lead market men and women into shirk. You will see people hanging talisman and amulets in their shops. Some people put it in their 'igbanu' (big purse where they keep money). Some people hang somethings to protect thieves from entering their shops. Then, the worst thing is that the bigger the business, the bigger the shirk. This is one of the common ways by which people leave Islam.

The lady told me that he met a man who said he would help her to plant something under the ground before it is cemented. Don't be surprised that many private schools and even Ile Kewus (Madrasahs) have these things in them before they start business. Many people don't know these things are shirk. They call it 'aajo'(effort), but the people of knowledge call it shirk based on clear shari'ah evidences.

My advice to this sister which I will like all market men and women to also follow is that she should place her reliance on Allah alone. Know that no evil can befall you in your businesses except by the permission of Allah. When you seek assistance and protection, seek it from Allah. This is from the rudiments of our taoheed (Islamic monotheism). Whatever befalls you of evils after seeking Allah's protection is a test upon you, and no one is free from Allah's test. Don't let trials lead you to commit shirk. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: whoever uses any object as a means of protection, has committed shirk. I advised this sister to get a hisnu Muslim and see the morning and evening adhkaar, read the meaning, are these dua not sufficient for us? They were sufficient for the Prophet and the Companions, so they must be sufficient for us. Even if it is just one of them that one is able to read in the morning and evening, it will be sufficient if we have faith in it.

May Allah protect us from falling into kufr after we firmly believed Him.

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