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Allah Guides Whomever He Wishes

My grandmother was one of those who used to attend one fraudulent assalatu at Adangba, Ilorin. I used to tell her not to go there again, that they are being misled by those people. Recently, my mum told me she had stopped going there, I was shocked with the good news, and I said: AlhamduliLlah. When I went to interview her about the reason why she stopped going, she said:

Aremu, mo da won lohun jare, won kan tan wa ni (don't mind them, they are just deceiving us)

Then, I used the opportunity to tell her that the ibaadah of a Muslim woman in the corners of her home is the best. I told her to always pray at home, do many nawafil, adhkaar and seek Allah's help individually, and she has been very happy. This is someone close to 80 years of age, and she used to trek a long distance to reach that bid'ah and shirk assalatu. A lot of our women are like this, it is our duty to talk to them and teach them the real Islam that is rare in our society today. If you don't teach them, who would? Some parents would not listen to their own children who love so much. They prefer to patronize those fake Alfas who deceive them into bid'ah and shirk. A lot of the so called Alfas are robbing people of their hard earned money and their faith. The leader of the assalatu sell pure water to them at high cost deceiving them that the water would solve their problem.

May Allah protect us, our parents, relatives and neighbors against the activities of evil scholars.

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