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There are some people whose posts on the social media are very beneficial and so trusted and reliable to the extent that one  sometimes likes their posts before even reading them. Some people don't even read at all; they just like and move on as if the post is just for liking purpose. Some people like or comment on posts not because they really like it or have meaningful contributions to make, but because of their close relationship with the maker of the posts or any other motives best known to them.

The truth is that perfection belongs to Allah Alone. Every son of Adam is liable to mistakes and errors. I think its always better to take time to read all posts first; examine and evaluate their objectivity before liking them because if you like what you ought not to like or make comments on what you have little or no knowledge about; you will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement when no case would be taken for granted.

Today on Facebook and other social networks; there are several pages created for the purpose of promoting celebrity speakers who spread wrong teachings about Islam. Many Muslims do not really care about the objectives and the orientation of each and every page they like or groups they join. Pages are opened for musicians; movie stars; sports legends; business moguls etc. There are so many fake pages and accounts on Facebook most particularly. You cannot like a page of a musician and think you have not promoted music because all your friends would see the notification and might even be prompted to like it too.

On the social media, we see Muslims liking and commenting on pictures of the opposite sex in a shameful manner. If you like or comment on any picture you ought not to like or comment on (especially pictures of ladies, semi nude and nude pictures); you have aided the original sinner who took the picture in spreading the mischief. Most of the celebrity pages are now specially created to spread rumours; lies; inciting comment; nudity and several acts of indecency.

Shaiton is always out to mislead anyone who gives him chance in his or her life. There is urgent need for the orientation and reorientation of the Muslim Ummah on how to use the social media in a way that the wrath of Allah would not be incurred. Let us use the opportunity of the remaining days of this Ramadan to seek forgiveness for the sins we have committed deliberately or unintentionally on the social media and turn a new leaf afterwards. Allah is surely ready to accept the sincere repentance of those who are ready to change for good.

May Allah forgive our sins and set right all our affairs.

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