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Faarouq Aleem Al-Egbaawiy

While returning from my grandma's residence, I entered a taxi back home wherein a female with her twin kids were sitting on her laps.

I entered and started to chant the takbeer, tahleel and tahmeed; suddenly the boy from the twins started to look at my mouth as I repeated the dhikr.

The Christian woman realized this and turned her son away from my side towards the window. The innocent boy who was amazed by the takbeer, tahleel and tahmeed kept turning towards me as the mother struggled to distract him.

The boy remained in astonishment, the only thing left for him was to join me if not for the mother's presence while the only wish the mother would have requested for was: Alfa!!! Can you please keep this thing you are saying to yourself.

Deep down me, I know the few minutes I used to repeat the dhikr will definitely have entered into the boy's heart and the mother's ears (if not her heart) before they dropped at their destination.

Funnily, the boy could get home and start chatting the dhikr. Children's memory is like memory card. Just repeat it and they store it.

Sometimes the only thing Allaah uses to guide the hearts of some men is the mere utterance of Allaahu Akbar into their ear lobes! It buries eemaan there and that's the beginning of success.

Oh Allaah guide the heart of the liitle boy to submit to Your Oneness.

Keep the takbeer, tahleel and tahmeed flowing brethren, it is the first ten days of dhul hijjah!!!

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