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In the first part of this story, we stopped at where I had to enter the investigating room where the lady was writing her statement with serious beating in front of the Police Officers. They were trying to force her to implicate the brother that was alleged of abducting her in her statement.

At this stage, I became so furious, and I said to her uncle: "why are you beating her like that?". The Police woman said: "what is your own?, go out, did we even invite you here in the first place". I said: "I have the right to protect my client (the brother) because the lady's statement is being written under torture, duress and undue influence. She said: "oya go out!". As I was going out, I told them: "we would all meet in front of Allaah on this matter". They said: "ati gbo (we have heard), just go! go! go!". I left the Police station thinking in my mind, "what has this country turned to?" Since they heard the brother involved is an Ahlu Sunnah, the police and the lady's family started conniving with each other to tamper with the case. Only Allaah knows how much they gave the police to do this dirty job. 

The truth of this matter was that the lady ran away from his parents due to severe torture and persecution from his parents who took her to a Sufi "Shehu". They said the shehu told them that the Ahlus Sunnah brother had given her something to swallow (SubhanaLlaah!), that is why she can't stop wearing the hijab her parents told her not to ever wear. The lady said the brother knew nothing about her resignation from work. She said she had to resign from that work because they were disturbing her not to wear hijab in the office and she was working in the midst of men who were non-mahram to her. She said she had gotten a teaching job where she could wear her hijab without any problem. But the parents insisted it was the brother who told her to resign from that work. The brother said, how can he tell her to do such a thing when they are even yet to get married?

On the second day at the police station, the police realised the case wasn't a good one against the brother. It wasn't a case that could go to court because their principal witness (the lady) is against them. The Police told both parties to settle amicably and write an undertaken to that effect. During this process, the mother said she doesn't want her daughter to see the brother again. But the lady's father who supposed to be the waliyy said: his own wish is for them to get married because the brother is very cool and he has been of good character. But since the mother (who according to report is the backbone of the home) doesn't want it, the father too had to succumb to her decision. 

According to a verifiable report, the father has no job, it is the mother who is taking care of the family. That shows why the decision and wish of the father could not prevail. The brother also promised not to see the sister again and that he is not interested in marrying her again. And if anything happens to her in the future, they should not come to him for anything because he has nothing to do with her again. They were supposed to get married in the month of November, 2017 by the lady's father's plan. But due to the fact that the mother and some forces in her family are not comfortable with her marrying an Ahlu Sunnah, the best thing is for the parties to separate in order to avert future problems.

The story of this lady and her family is very pathetic. This was a lady who studied Performing Arts a well known University. People who knew her very well said she had lived a rugged life in the past. She used to go to parties and do all sort of things in the past. It was during her NYSC in Sokoto State that she was introduced to the Sunnah, and she accepted it wholeheartedly. But when she got home with her hijab, the parents started victimizing her up till today. Someone even said the reason why they gave her the kind of job they gave her was for her to lose interest in hijab and start wearing the prescribed uniform. To know how committed this lady is towards the Sunnah, she had enrolled in a Islamic training center to learn Arabic and some other beneficial branches of knowledge. 

Why do many Muslim parents hate hijab? Why do they feel happy to see their daughters appearing in skimpy and tight dresses? Someone told me that the sister of this particular lady is into drugs and several illicit acts, she wasn't persecuted in this manner.

You can read the first part of the story here http://www.assudaisiy.com/2018/08/hatred-for-sunnah-and-hijab-by-muslim.html

May Allah guide us aright!

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