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A few days ago, a brother wrote a post on Facebook saying: people who say 'sujuud' means bowing are ignorant. He also said: any Yoruba parent whose child refuses to bow to him or her should curse the child. The most disturbing part of his comments was that he called for a debate on the matter. 

Firstly, it is one of the foundations of da'wah to let people who aren't students of Islamic knowledge know that silence is good for them (especially on what they have no knowledge of). But each time you give this advice, you are wrongly accused of pride. They think it is show off to advise them to go and learn. They allege you of insolence and throw all sort of insults and baseless challenge at you.

That is why it is important to expose the ignorance of this brother and his likes, so that people will know how bad it is to be talking about Isalm without knowledge. It is wrong for anyone to say anything about the deen of Allaah without knowledge. Allah says in Surah Al-Araf, Verse 33: 

Say: My Lord has only prohibited indecencies, those of them that are apparent as well as those that are concealed, and sin and rebellion without justice, and that you associate with Allah that for which He has not sent down any authority, and that you say against Allah what you do not know.(English - Shakir) 

From this verse, scholars say that speaking without knowledge is a bigger sin than shirk because the sins mentioned in the verse are all major sins and they are mentioned in the sequence of their gravity, and Allah mentions speaking about Allah without knowledge after shirk. The scholars say also, that even if it is not greater than shirk, Allah wants us to see it as such. This is not strange in the Qur'an. Sometimes, Allah mentions things in sequence and puts one thing in a "wrong" sequence not because it is a mistake, but for a reason best known to Him. For instance, in Qur'an 4:11 and some other verses where Allah speaks about inheritance, He ends it with: 

"after wasiyyah and debt has been removed" 

On this, scholars say, debt should actually be paid before wasiyyah, although, Allah always mentions wasiyyah (will) first. The reason for this is because Allah knows that people would likely treat wasiyyah with levity, than they would do in the case of a debt.

What we need to understand from this is that, speaking about Islam when you have no knowledge is a major sin greater than committing adultery and fornication, and some scholars even say it is greater than shirk. It is also save to say that, when you speak ignorantly about the deen, you are fast becoming a tool in the hand of shaytan in order to cause problems in the deen of Allah. Allah also says:

"Verily, it is indeed Satan that makes you do evil and say things about Allah (or His deen) of which you have no proper knowledge." [Al-Baqarah 2:169] . 

Strengthening the above verse is the Prophet's speech: 

"knowledge is not taken away by Allah raising up knowledge but by taking away the scholars and the ignorant people will now begin to give rulings so they'll be misguided and will be misguiding others" 

Who is interested in misguiding others if not shaytan? And if you talk without knowledge, shaytan is using you as a tool. May Allaah save us from this evil.

So, you should know that when you are told to go and learn before you speak about the religion of Allah, people who give you this golden advice are only helping you out of the fitnah of falling into the hand of shaytan as a tool and weapon of mass destruction upon the ummah. You shouldn't accuse them of being proud. Even if they are truly proud (which no one can say except Allah), the proud person is only harming himself personally. But the evil of talking without knowledge is greater in that it harms the whole ummah. If a proud person renders a good advise and other people follow it, those people would have their own rewards and he (the arrogant fellow) will lose his own reward. But if an ignorant person misguides people, the consequence of this is that the misguider and the misguided would share the sin. The only thing is that the sin of the misguider will be mightier, being the "Oga at the top" regarding the said sin.

To be continued in sha Allah.....

Adejumo Muhammad Al Edowi


  1. Jazakallahu khaeran!May Allah increase you in knowledge

  2. Jazakallahu khaeran!May Allah increase you in knowledge

  3. Jazãkallohu khoyran...... Any evidence to support the aforementioned topic??


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