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A. Haroun (Abu Imran)


Most muslims are oblivious of the fact that over centuries now, there has been deliberate and desperate efforts by enemies of islaam to dilute Islaam among muslims. This was achieved through a multitude of ways, one of which was ensuring that muslims were detached from Islamic knowledge, followed by making Ideal Islaam seem strange to them.

It is painful to admit that it would seem such campaigns have, to a large extent succeeded! If muslims had remained informed about, and practiced true, pristine Islaam, western ideologies like democracy would have found no room to thrive among us.

There is always an uneasiness that follows the mention and discussion of topics that are related to tawheed (divine unity) and this is because its branches are an eye-opener towards the ineptitude and hypocrisy of many muslims as well as the deception of the enemies of Islaam. If every muslim understands the root of his religion, he becomes impregnable to alien ideologies and the dilution as mentioned above becomes somewhat impossible. The fact that many muslims lived all their lives swimming in unislamic ideologies, forming emotional bonds with them and their propagators make any move to practice pristine unadulterated Islaam seem like an extreme measure.

However, let me admit here also that teaching such topics as 'nullifiers of Islaam'in this time of ours has the potential of radicalising muslims. This is not a fault of the topic itself but usually a function of the teaching methods and the state of the muslims especially those with half-baked knowledge. There is a tendency that at first glance at those things that nullifies a person's Islaam, one may begin to consider many muslims around him as disbelievers, and perhaps every non-muslim as an enemy! This is why acting upon knowledge without proper explanation is just as dangerous as ignorance if not even more dangerous.

In the study of fields of Medicine, Microbiology, Chemistry and Physics, there is the tendency that people may use this knowledge for both Bio and nuclear terrorism! We do not for this fact, blacklist the study of these fields or begin to call all teachers and students of these fields terrorists for they are not to be held responsible for all cases of terror perpetrated.

I have mentioned this because the typical way of making the study of tawheed unpalatable to muslims is by saying studying it breeds terrorism, even though it is the fundamental aspect of Islaam. They begin to cite examples of people who studied it that became extremists, and so they say the study of such field is a 'wahabist' concept, and with such blackmail, the heart of many muslims have been poisoned against studying any such related field or implementing them.

So who are the extremists (Khaarijites) and who are the murji'ah?


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