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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail

“Won’t you be staring at the beautiful girls in Abeokuta? I’m afraid” Fatimah asked in a childish manner

“Haba! How will I leave the only beautiful girl in world here and be looking at other ugly girls”

“Hmmm… flattering of highest order… if you don’t stare at them, won’t they stare at you?”

“Yeah… that’s true… may be I’ll be covering my face” I replied and we both laugh it off.

We discussed for a very long time and the discussion was quite emotional, I can’t imagine myself living in a city where there’s no Fatimah, that’s cruel, but education is a must and I promised to keep in touch with her through the media of call and chat.

I, and my twin sister, Nailah, embarked on our journey to Abeokuta very early, so as to escape the traffic jam that is well known with the road. At first, the journey proved to be an interesting one as there was a man throwing all sorts of jokes and everybody in the bus was laughing. All of a sudden, my laughter almost turns to cry, as I discovered that the pickpockets had successfully stolen my phone, I asked Nailah if I gave the phone to her, but she declared her ignorance of its whereabouts.

The loss of my phone made the journey a tough one as it contains the phone number and the address of our uncle who we were to stay with pending the time we secure a permanent residence in the school area. We made some attempts to reach dad for help by borrowing people’s phone to call him but all the attempts proved abortive. The loss of the phone threw me and Nailah to a great state of confusion, as we don’t know what step to take next. After a long thought, Nailah said she can remember the address but she was not so sure, she said; “When dad told us the place, the name was funny; it is either Oko-tan (hoe has finished) or Pana-tan (cutlass has finished), let’s find try both names, I know it is either of the two”. Her suggestion made us calm as the bus kept moving.

We arrived at Abeokuta safely, as the bus stopped at Kuto garage; Commercial Bike riders and taxi drivers approached us and asked for our destination; “Oko-tan” I quickly pronounced to them, but they all declared that they never heard of such place in Abeokuta before, Nailah tried the second suggestion; “Pana-tan”, yet they still denied if such name of place ever existed in Abeokuta. We were thrown into a great pandemonium as we didn’t know what to do again, this is a city where we know no one or any place to stay. We borrowed a phone at the garage to retry dad’s number, but it was still unreachable, Nailah rained blames on me for my carelessness.

After so much thoughts and deliberations, we resulted to going back to the university and stay at the school’s mosque till we will be able to reach our parents, we asked people at the garage for directions to FUNAAB and we were shown a taxi going towards that direction.

We arrived at the University in the mid-day and we saw fresh students like ourselves wearing anxiety and happiness all over their faces as they moved into their various departments for their departmental clearance. Nailah and I dropped our bags at the school masjid, asked for our department and we were directed there. On reaching there; we met these "Alu sunnah" guys that we had been previously warned against from home, they could be easily recognized among other people, the males among them were in uniform of beards, short trousers and sandals While the females among them were dressed in a full big hijab. These Alu sunnah people are helping people they perceived to be Muslims with their clearance procedures; I knew that was a way to lure unsuspecting people to their sect. I refused their helping hand when they lend me one and also reminded Nailah as she moved to her deparment not to fall for them.

It was a day I don’t think I can ever forget in my life, the stress was so much; as I was walking from one office to another and I couldn’t get the clearance done. I was told that the lecturer in charge of my department’s clearance didn’t have office in the faculty; The clock was ticking so fast; I didn’t want to miss my clearance that day, I had to walk to the other faculty to meet him. As I was walking there, a heavy rain began without notice and before I could find a place to keep my head, I was already wet to the pant. What an unfortunate day!

After the rain stopped, I couldn’t go to the lecturer again; I felt dejected and fed up and I headed back to the school central mosque. On my way back to the mosque, I set my eyes on Nailah sitting in the company of the girls in big hijabs, I was surprised and shouted her name; she looked back and came to me. Nailah saw me in my weary state and asked me how everything went, I explained everything to her and she pitied me, she explained to me how good those sisters had been to her, they had helped her with her clearance, and even helped her to reach dad, he had resent our uncle’s address to her and she informed me that our uncle’s address is ‘Adatan’ and not Okotan nor Panatan. She praised the sisters so much; the good character of these people showed us the direction to the path to yathrib.

To be continued in sha Allaah..


  1. Ma shaa Allah.
    Anxiously waiting for other episodes

  2. Nice one. BaarokaLlaahu feekum

  3. Nice one, Jazakumullahu khairan.waiting for the next episode.

  4. Aameen and you too. Thank you all.

  5. barakallahu feek
    may Allah brighten your face
    this is getting more interesting


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