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Yūnus Olukodo

I have been into this same situation before now, it all happened that, whenever  I threatened and  disciplined my self that I want to be very serious, persistently, the plot of Shaitân brought me down.

I asked myself but why?, The answer through the help of  Allâh rang in my brain; O Yūnus! You know the Tajweed rulings but still you need a prominent teacher of the glorious book, if you wouldn't need one, the prophet of Allâh wouldn't have had one.

Upon that internal-advice, I walked to meet someone I used to know with Qur'ân, he is  prominent, he is very good at it and he is a good teach.

From the first day till now I discovered that whenever I recited unto him he always find out corrections, so, his corrections kept motivating me and did not give me even just a scintilla reason to go back, his recitations, his character, his seriousness always attracted me to keep coming more to him and now Qur'ân is more coming to be a friend than ever, this allowed me to won the belt tightened between me and the accursed, Ash-Shaitân.

This is how taking knowledge directly from the mouths of its experts benefits students of knowledge, most especially, the knowledge most endeared to Allâh, knowledge of His Book, the Qur'ân.

Please stop doing it yourself, it does not work out in flying color and it hinders serious-minded people from coming to show their real self.

Ponder! Ponder! 
Find out someone today, do not delay this advice and you will come back to appreciate it later from the bottom of your heart!.

It is Allâh alone I am humbly asking to make us the people of Qur'ân, the people of His.

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