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Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

If it was a Muslim village that a pond is discovered with Christians being killed and hidden in it with the knowledge of the community. 

1. Hashtag all over twitter. 

2. Inciting Graphic designs will flood everywhere.

3. People will be crying on their social media and cursing any government official who as much as smiled in public. 

4. CAN will....only God knows. 

5. TY Danjuma and other self appointed "Christian elders" will be shouting Jihad, Taqiyyah,  and like fifteen other Arabic words they know nothing about. 

6. The nation will be in mourning. The President will be talking tough (as he should except that if he does so now he is an Islamic bigot) 

7. Newspapers will be running 13 stories per day on the issue with alarming headlines. 

8. PDP will realize how it is a National disaster and Presidential candidates and opposition figures will begin to troop into the community even as everyone will be calling and crying for help and suggesting what and what to ban forever whole others will be insulting Islam and all the Muslims in the entire world since Adam.

9. Anyone that has not released a passionate statement on the issue will be insulted and accused of being happy. And the reaction of everyone who is not a Christian will be closely monitored to ensure you are crying real tears or your tears is as many as the past time Muslims were killed. If not you are issued an immediate certificate of hypocrisy, called a bigot and dismissed as a hater. 

But see how calmly the Muslim community is taking this. Such beautiful maturity that others need to emulate. The Sultan is not "blowing hot", he is concerned. Muslims are not cursing out their neighbours, we are pained. 

We don't pray for such on any side, but this lesson is something we should learn regardless.

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