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Sanusi Lafiagi

I have a friend who I met in 2006 during my undergraduate days. He is about 5-6 years older than me and was married at the time. I think his marriage was just about 2-3 year old then, or more. We weren’t too close as friends but we did share some jolly moments together. Until late 2012, I did not know that he was yet to father a child. I never asked him and he never told me. He and his wife have undergone all forms of treatment, from the traditional (prophetic) to the medical. 2018 is about to end and he’s yet to be blessed with a child. I know it grieves him. It grieves me too. We can only continue to pray to the Bestower of bounties to “Leave him not childless, though He (Allāh) art the Best of inheritors.”

Here in my University, a staff is distraught because she is desperately in need of a girl-child. She’s younger than me, but has birthed four children all of them boys. Two years ago, during the naming ceremony of her last child, she came to the Alfa, slipped a note in his pocket and said, “Please, pray for me. I want my next child to be a female.” Back at work, I asked her why she desperately need a female child and she said, “when all the boys go out to play football, who will remain in the house with me?” Or, “who will be in the kitchen to help me with cooking and other stuff?”

Few months ago, I noticed that she was pregnant again, and I remembered our last conversation. “What if your next child is male?” I asked. She look enraged as she retorted with, “God forbid.”  I knew she must have done pregnancy scan to know the probable gender of the child. She appears to be too confident these days than wary and worried.

Yesterday, I was informed that she had put to bed. Guess what? She finally got her wish. May Allāh bless all her children and ours too.


Someone hasn’t got 1 in 14 years....

Allāh is wonderful...

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