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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The reason why some Muslim parents don't want to hear the word "Sunnah" is that some haters of Sunnah have poisoned their minds with the thought that the "Ahlu Sunnah" are indoctrinated to be rude, disobedient and disrespectful. SubhanaLah! 

AlhamduliLah, in the contrary, it is the Sunnah that taught us our responsibilities towards our parents without mixing it up with the rights of Allaah and His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم. As we are children for our parents; our parents too are children of some people. We are also parents too who have children under us. So, it is unreasonable for anyone think we would join any mission that promotes rudeness or arrogance towards parents and the elders in the society. The Sunnah teaches the best manners and conducts towards the parents and all kinds of people.

In the Sunnah, it is not even permissible to harm those who harm you. The virtue of paying due respect to parents and elders is evident in many hadiths of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. The allegation of rudeness and disobedience often levelled against Sunnah adherents in our contemporary society in most cases is a mere propaganda intended to scare unsuspecting Muslims away from the Sunnah as practised by the Righteous Predecessors. The Sunnah has nothing to do with bad manners.

The Sunnah is free from acts of disobedience and disrespect to parents, elders and all manner of people. For someone to be truly upon Sunnah, he or she must be good to his her parents without exceeding the limits set by Allaah and His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم. Although, there are some people who wrongly ascribe to Sunnah, and they lack good manner of approach towards people. But the Sunnah is not be blamed for their evils. They should be held responsible individually. Trying to blackmail the people of Sunnah due to the poor manners of some who wrong ascribe to it is a serious evil. It is like saying all Muslims are terrorists because some terrorists ascribe themselves to Islaam. It isike saying all Muslims are Boko Haram because Boko Haraam affiliate themselves to Islaam. It is like saying all Muslims are Shi'as just because the Shi'as ascribe to Islaam.

I humbly appeal to all adherents of Sunnah to remain calm and patience upon all the trials they are faring from home and their various communities. The promise of Allah is certain, victory is assured for the Sunnah over bid'ah and other evils. I admonish myself and other people who are conscious of the Sunnah to remain resolute upon pure da'wah, preach the sunnah with good manners and character, avoid abusive words and disrespect of elders in the society. May Allaah guide us aright.

The antagonists of the Sunnah who parade themselves as scholars are the most dangerous of people because a lot of ignorant people depend on them for religious guidance. They use that opportunity to mislead them from the path of Sunnah and sink them in their various bid'ah practices. Allaah's aid is sought. No wonder, Imam al Barbahaaree رحمه الله said in one of his works that the scholars upon bid'ah are worse than shaytaan. Shaytaan is well known to us as an enemy. But the evil of a scholar upon bid'ah is not well known. Only the people knowledge (of Sunnah) are aware of his evil. The ignorant Muslins would be following him blindly without caution. He would dress like a scholar, he knows arabic, can recite the Qur'an and read hadiths fluently. Yet, he attacks the Sunnnah all the time. A lot of Muslims who are ignorant of the Sunnah are deceived by his appearance and mastery of Arabic language. May Allaah protect us against these kind of people. They are numerous in our society.

In the case of parents who are acting upon the misinformation of the people bid'ah (about the Sunnah and its people), they wouldn't have any excuse in this regard on the Day of Judgment. It is important for every Muslim to seek proper knowledge about the Sunnah before condemning any aspect of it. Islaam is the Sunnah and the Sunnah is Islaam. The two (Islaam and Sunnah) can't stand separately without the other. The faith of a Muslim who is yet to understand this important point is in danger.

The truth cannot be changed or defeated. The sunnah remains the truth forever no matter how much people try to paint it with falsehood. And if the truth is painted with falsehood; one day, it would be exposed. The more the enemies paint Islaam bad; the more non-Muslims accept Islaam. The more the people of bid'ah paint the Sunnah bad; the more people get know and understand the place of the Sunnah in Islaam. Allaaj says: 

(وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا)

"And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart." [Surat Al-Isra: 81]

The people of bid'ah are turning Muslim parents against their children just because they chose to be on the path of Sunnah. They do this out of ignorance or for some material benefits that would never last.

May Allaah grant us better understanding of Islaam so that we would not be misled by the ignorant ones.

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