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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

It is from the Sunnah to be kind to parents, and it is from kindness to parents to buy gifts for parents and make them comfortable always based on one's capacity. If someone who is steadfast upon Sunnah buys milk for her mother in Ramadan to back up palp and moin moin for iftar, he or she is in trouble. The first thing that would come to the mind of the mother is the "milk buying propaganda". The "milk propaganda" is about the baseless belief and claim that the adherents of Sunnah usually buy milk for their mothers as payback for the milk they sucked during childhood. Some mothers would say something like: 

"hmmm, Iya Sidi, oo ri nti mori, mo ri emmo (in ilorin tone), Sadia ra miliki wa fun mi l'ana, Sadia ti o kunle mo" [Have you see what I saw, Haleemah bought milk for me yesterday, Haleemah who doesn't kneel to greet again]. Lool. 

A lot parents have been denied milk gift as a result of this. Sunnah people are now being very careful, they rather buy "rice wuwo" to da and "eja gbigbe" abi "wara kayonmmo". The funny thing is that if a child who doesn't care about Sunnah buys milk as gift for his or her mother, there is no problem.

May Allaah elongate the lives of our parents, grant them the hidaayah of Sunnah, and make them reap the fruits of their labour in this world and the hereafter.


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