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Ustadh AbdulGaniy Jum'ah

A friend selling Islamic and Arabic books wanted me to meet his teacher [as he referred to him] late 1999. On getting to the house of his, he introduced me to him. We discussed at length about the situation of Sunnah in Yorubaland and the madaaris.

In my second visit to his house, we discussed some fiqh issues which led us to discuss the book "Fiqh as-Sunnah" by Sayyid Saabiq رحمه الله which was the recommended book (Book 1-3) for the thaanwiyyah students in the madrasah where I learnt. I also mentioned during the discussion the book "Tamaam al-Minnah" of al-Albaani رحمه الله which assisted me in knowing the authenticity of some ahaadith in Fiqh as-Sunnah.

On hearing this, the Ikhwaani leader, (as I later got to know) became angry and disparaged al-Albaani immediately, arguing that he shouldn't have written that book and that the book Tamum al-Minnah is like an attempt to bring down Fiqh as-Sunnah. I asked him the reasons he had viewed it that way. And he mentioned that declaring some ahaadith in it to be daefah; he also mentioned the issue of zakat urud at-tijaarah . He argued that the sheikh had gone against clear verse of the Qur'an and Ijma' of the scholars. Here I disagreed with this conclusion of his. 

As I knew that Ibn Hazm, ash-shawkaani, Siddiq Hasan khan, Muqbil al-Waadi' etc did not support this. He brought out the Fiqh az-Zakaat of al-Qardawi wanting to force the opinion down my throat with the claim of Ijmaa' and al-Albaani contradicting the clear verse of the Quran.

As for bringing thirty five books, this is sheer lie, reason being that if he had actually read those books he would have found most authors saying Jamaaheer al-ulamaa'. Yes, some would say ijmaa'. 

However, this doesn't warrant the vexation displayed by him to the extent of asking me to leave his house (just the second meeting with him). Later he calmed down after one of his followers appealed to him.

Subsequently, I visited him about five or six times to discuss with him some of the positions commonly practised by their jamaa't which I felt are not correct. Later I decided to stop  visiting  him because he is too hot- tempered when debating with people. I also avoided calling him since then.

Later he started calling me occasionally. He had called me on many issues, such as moon sighting, the autopsy case, Habib Markaz, encouraging us to refute him, and many others.

However, I have not been calling him even to greet him for I have seen the handwriting clearly that they are interested in weakening the strength of Salafiyyah and neutralising it in Lagos by trying to cooperate with us.

So, when the attempt to bring every body together under the banner of Ahlus-Sunnah came from Ilorin, we firmly opposed it.
As this means taking the following as matters of difference of opinions among Ahlus-Sunnah which one should not condemn:

1. Political Islam 
2. Protests and demonstrations 
3. Abusing Saudi Arabia in defence of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
4. Celebration of Mawlid 
5. Aqsa Day
6 . Singling out a night for laitul Qadr and gathering for nawaafil. etc.
Some of these issues are not as grave as others.

It is not monetization of zakat uruud at-tijaarah as that ignorant student has claimed.

I think he doesn't know the difference between the two. Perhaps his idaady student may be more knowledgeable than  him as I can see from his write-up. 

Look at the way he mercilessly descended on al-Albaani. Because he wanted to defend his local sheikh. And this confirms what I have said about them. They accuse you of abusing scholars. However, they would pre-ement this.

As for us, the honour of an innovator( regardless of his age) does not supersede the interest of the Deen and that of the generality of the Muslims.

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