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The noble Sheikh said:

“Be firm, and do not change (your stance) because of the large number of attacks on you nor due to (their) being offended by your words. As long as you are upon the truth, then be firm, for truth is never budged (by falsehood). Thereafter, defend (the truth) if you are in a weak position. There is nothing lesser than defending (the truth). But if you are in a strong position, then upon you is to attack (the falsehood). For the days take turns (sometimes in your favor and sometimes otherwise).

But (remember) the most important thing is that even if you are in a weaker position, then you should remain firm. And never say: ‘Oh, all the people are in opposition to this.’ Rather, be firm, for Allāh Subḥaanahoo Wa Ta'ālā aids His Deen, His Book, His Messenger (Ṣallallāhu-'Alaihi Wa Sallam) throughout the ages.

No doubt that you will face harm (from the people). Here is Imām Aḥmad Raḥimahullāh, he was dragged by a mule in the market and was whipped. But he was patiently firm. And here is Shaykh-ul-Islām (Ibn Taymiyyah), Raḥimahullāh, who was driven around in the market on a cart and was thrown in the prison, but he remained firm.

It is not possible that the earth will always be a carpet of roses and flowers for a person who clings to the Sunnah (for he will face opposition and will be harmed by the people).”

‎ [شرح النونية للإمام إبن القيم ٣\٢٧٠]

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