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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail 
(Aboo Muhsinah)

AlhamduLlah, You've based you belief upon the path of the pious predecessors. You don't date. You shun music. You observe the correct hijab. Wow .. You are a Maa Shaa Allah Muslim. Alhamdullilah for that. 

But wait.. What about your friend who are still Subhanallah Muslims or even Audhubillah Muslims? I meant your friend, Ibrahim who still attends mawlid nabiyy? Your co-worker, Aisha who still have the one-quarter hijab on her head? And your immediate sibling, Rahmah who is a music addict?

Don't you wish to see them in Jannah? You have alot of work to do to save them from hell. Allah says: '' Save yourself and your family from hell'' (Q: 66:6) How?  You have to call them to this righteous path, not only your family and friends, and other people you can have access to, Islam is never meant to be an individualistic faith reserved for the ''chosen few''. It is the duty of all Muslims to spread the word of Allah. Calling to the way of Allah is the collective aim of the Ummah and also the foremost sunnah of the prophet.

Allah says: '' You are the best of the nations raised up for men: you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah'' (Q:3:110)

You should know that calling to religion is not responsibility of the scholars alone. It is the responsibility of all Muslims.

The prophet said: '' Convey from me, even if it is a single verse''

The companions understood this statement and did their utmost, individually and collectively, to convey the light of Islam to all people, even outside Arabian peninsula, is demonstrated by the lengthy and dangerous journeys they took, reaching the Atlantic Ocean in west and the Great Wall of China in the east. Countless of distinguished companions breathed their last in faraway and foreign lands preaching Islam, for which their sacrifices knew no bound. You also wished for a Jannah like them, don't you? Why don't you also strive to the way of Allah, even if you can't reach the level of the companions, you will still have done the little you can do.

Start from your close ones who are still Subhanallah Muslims, to strangers and the non Muslims,..... Yes, strangers, you can talk to them with courage and nothing will happen. You don't believe me? Can you count the number of times the Jehovah's witnesses had preach to you, even after they were aware that you are dressed in a full khimar or they see that your trousers are above your ankles, have anyone ever slap them for making such move? No, definitely NO.. No one will slap you for preaching your religion when you address them with respect and courtesy.

Verily, Preaching to people around is not the way of non-muslims... It is the way of the prophet. It is the way of Muslims... Preach the word of Allah with courage. It is your lifetime contract.

May Allah ease our affairs

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