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Sanusi Lafiagi

In a desperate attempt to justify their baseless celebration, and introduce into the Deen that which is not part of it, the proponents of Mawlidu'n-Nabiyy have begun combing Islamic literatures, shopping for textual proofs that are either assertive or speculative on the matter. Unfortunately for them, no matter how deep they dig, they ain't gonna find anything tangible that will appeal to a discerning mind. 

This is a fact that is known to even the worst and staunchest enemy of the Sunnah. They have tried it for decades and yet, have not been able to arrive at any logical conclusion. 

Funny enough, they seem to have found a new proof, this time, a video evidence to show that even in Madinah where lies the grave of the Prophet (upon him be peace), Mawlid is being celebrated. 

Lols..... See evidence! 

This morning, my friend and brother, Jubril Sanusi sent me a link with the caption: 

"Sirnucy, can this be true, they say it's Maolid in Medina, it can be graphics or somewhere else, what do you think?"

On opening the link, I was directed to a Facebook page of one "Alhaji Abubakar Gasai" who posted 3 videos and captioned them: "MAULUDIN NABIYI SAWW AT MADINA YESTERDAY"

Firstly, I wish to state that I have watched the videos, and I couldn't find anything that suggests where such celebration actually took place. So our brother will need to do more theatrics to convince us that his purported celebration took place in Madinah. 

Secondly, let us even concede that Mawlidu'n-Nabiyy is being celebrated in Madinah, three important questions to ask are:

* Who are those celebrating it? Don't forget that there are various Sufi and Shiite groups residing the Holy Land;

* Who sanctioned it, and what are the views of the eminent scholars of Islam in the Holy Land on celebrating the Mawlidu'n-Nabiyy?;

* Is that how proofs are established in the Sharī’ah? So because the king of Makkah shaves his beard can now be used as a proof to overrule the Hadith commanding keeping the beard? Or that he shook hands with Michelle Obama will now override the HADITH prohibiting shaking hands with the strange opposite sex?;

I remember how a couple of years back, a political thug from my area came back from hajj and bragged about his fàájì extravaganza in the Holy Land. He said to me, "You people will be doing waasi as if you're holier and more knowledgeable than the Arabs. Look, I took alcohol in Saudi, and "carried" olosho (prostitute) there too."

To our friend, he's found an evidence on the legality of fornication and alcohol, simply because he did that in the Holy Land! 


May Allah protect us from misguidance! 

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