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Sanni K. Yusuf

She strived headlong to stop her husband from taking a second wife, but she never thrived. Doggedly, the man made his interest supercede his wife's. Therefore, the other woman finally got entry amidst storms.

She did all in her powers to make life miserable for the new wife, and of course, their husband. Rather than enjoy, the marriage turned out to be hell on earth. The second wife could not but take a walk out of the matrimony to seek haven elsewhere. After a while, the man gave up the ghost on account of high blood pressure. 

The polygamophobic woman became widowed at 34. Half a decade down the line, she remained a single mother of three fruits of the womb. At 39, she thought of getting hooked up again. But all efforts to that effect proved abortive until after 2 years of ultimate search for a single or a widowed man. To her dismay, no bachelor nor widower was ready to marry a 39 year old mother of three offspring - they rather preferred brand new ladies.

Luck finally smiled at her when one charmingly handsome, wealthy and pious man proposed marriage to her. She accepted the offer without hesitation. In no time, the relationship got solemnised and the marriage consummated. Lo and behold! The new husband wasn't just a polygamist like her frustrated former husband chose to be, he rather wanted to seal up the last space of his polygamous options. Therefore, the polygamophobic woman ended up as a fourth wife in the household of the new husband.

She eventually did what she viciously despised, disallowed, discontinued, and which sadly led to the untold demise of her first hubby. How would she explain and seek forgiveness from the deprived lady? 

Marrying more than one wife has come to stay as an Islamic norm. The wisdom behind its legislation by Allah is entirely advantageous to the society. If you say no to polygamy, pray that what happens to those who seek to be the other woman happens to you, too.

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