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Ibn 'Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori


"If you are to deliver lecture on any topic, try to chip in some 'aqeedah benefits. A lot of Muslims are ignorant of it".

"If someone doesn't agree that he doesn't know what he doesn't know, he will not be able to submit himself to people who can teach him what he doesn't know".

"Many of the shirk of prophetic era have resurfaced within the Muslim community. If you don't learn taoheed, you may not know".

"Some people aren't better than kuffar of the prophetic era, they revere pictures of their sheikhs like the kuffar revered their idols

"If you can't see the wisdom in the prohibition of taking and displaying animate pictures, investigate the genesis of heroe worship".

"Some people venerate pictures of their late parents. They hang them here and there. If you dare touch them, you are in trouble".

"Those who worship other than Allaah and People of Innovations are on a wrong path, but they think they are on the right track".


"If a Muslim is able to comprehend the severity of Allaah's punishment, he will not by his attitude feel secured from His Hell-fire".


"For a mind to embrace the Sunnah, it will be free from arrogance, desire and blind allegiance to an individual or organization".

"Don't be a pole of fitnah through which people are misguided. Be a pillar of Sunnah through which people are guided to goodness".


"If you rely on a human being or Jin, no matter how strong, he will die one day. But if you rely on Allaah, Allaah exist forever".

"Cut ties with all shayaateen in human and jin kinds. Allaah is closer to you than your jugular vein. Call Him, He will answer".

"It is not right for a Muslim to have one "Baba Isale" to whom he takes almost all his affairs. It is wise to rely on Allaah alone".

"Some people are more connected to their Jalabi Alfas than their Lord. Anything that occurs to them must be reported to Tawaagheet".

"Reliance on Allaah is one of the conditions for entering paradise without accountability and punishment on the Day of Judgment"

"May Allaah liberate and rehabilitate Muslims who are entrapped in the web of Jalabi Alfas. We have them among family and friends".


"Going beyond texts (Qur'an and Sunnah) in solving physical and spiritual attacks lead to more problems. May Allaah assist us".


"Acts of ibaadah are not just about intention, compliance with sunnah is key. So, don't hing your bid'ah on "good intention"".

"Contrary to some erroneous interpretation of Hadith 1, Allaah checks not intention alone, He checks quality of the action too".

"We don't need your innovations in the religion. The religion is complete. We need your innovations in Science and Technology".

"They gather for days in a deceased's residence, eating, drinking without sunnatic basis. Yet, they think they are right".

"In Suratu Zukhruuf, 37, Allaah says: they (shayateen) turn them away from the path (Sunnah), yet they think they are still guided".

"Sufi and and Jalabi are twin transformers of evil from which a lot of people are misled in our society. Allaah's aid is sought".

"Sheikh Fawzaan: Look! Why do they take devils in mankind and jin as friend beside Allaah, follow them and think they are guided?"

"They are upon bid'ah and glorified shirk, yet they rejoice, thinking they are upon guidance. SubhanaLlaah!"


"I wish we can have some trustworthy elders empowered to put us to check on this platform from time to time. I mean scholars or students of knowledge who can say: "I saw what you just posted now, please take it down immediately", and there will be no argument. The fact that we own our data doesn't mean we should use it anyhow. We shall be questioned about the ways we use everything we have been granted by Allaah".

"When scholars differ on issues, ours is to pick the safest and continue learning. Let's shun all these satanic distractions!"

"The fact that a scholar used a derogatory word against a fellow scholar doesn't mean you can adopt same word against that scholar".

"You are trying to correct someone over a fundamental mistake, he fails to take it. In the process of correcting him, you also made a fundamental mistake. You are corrected, but you refuse to take the correction. Whereas, the religion is an-naseehah (admonition) to everyone of us. This is where there is serious issue".

"The Sunnah has many branches, no one can be good in all. If your attention is drawn to your weak areas, it helps you to improve".

"No one has everything. If you don't know or admit you lack something that you ought to possess, you will never strive to have it".

"The last time we met Sheikh Ajia, he told us to respect scholars, co-learners and even our own students. May Allaah make it easy".


"Some volunteers are always at the middle of heavy traffic junctions in town to aid movements. Let's respect them, let's obey them".

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